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Investigating the Impossible
Sea-Serpents in the Air, Volcanoes that Aren't, and Other Out-of-Place Mysteries

by Ulrich Magin

Trade Paperback, 240 Pages

$14.95, ISBN: 1933665521

Genre(s): UFOs Cryptozoology Fortean Historical Mysteries

Surviving plesiosaurs in lakes...

Petrified ships on mountaintops...

Limestone mountains that suddenly erupt as volcanoes but leave no trace of lava flows… 

All these are certainly impossible things. Yet they happen, again and again, in all parts of the world. And these events are witnessed by scores of people. 

Steering a clear course between blind belief and simple skepticism, fortean researcher Ulrich Magin delves into these stories with both a critical eye and a great fascination for the wonders of our world to unravel the many mysteries held by the air, earth, fire, and water. 

About the Author:

ULRICH MAGIN is a German author of several books on ufology, cryptozoology, and geomancy. He has also written two successful suspense novels. 



A UFO in the Year 1561?
The Winged Sea Serpent of the Levant
The German Border Patrol in their Flying Machines
Soldiers with a Vision: The Cuxhaven Incident
A Lake Garda Mothman?

Religion, Leys, and Sacred Landscapes
Spirit Roads and the Flightpaths of the Corpses
The Mowing Devil and Friends.
A Petrified Ship in a Swiss Mine

Europe’s Forgotten Volcanoes
Out-Of-Place Volcanoes All Over the World
The Monte Baldo “Volcano”
Volcanoes as Sea Serpents 
The Man Who Saw Meteors and Monsters.

Sargon’s Sea Serpent: The First Sighting In Cryptozoology?
Iberian Sea Monsters .
The Genesis of the Loch Ness Monster 
Strange Animals in the Rio Genil
A Monster in Lago Maggiore

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