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Where are Anomalist Books available?

On, of course, at, and at online booksellers worldwide. Anomalist Books are also available for order through almost all bookstores in the United States and the United Kingdom. Most of our books are also available as ebooks for the Kindle, the Nook, Kobo readers, and Apple's devices.


Where can we get your books?

You can order our books through one of our distributors. Our books are distributed by Ingram in the U.S. and Bertrams in the U.K. as well as through other distributors. Or, if you wish to place your discounted order with us, just click .



I would like to submit a manuscript. What kinds of books are you looking for?

We seek well written, well researched works on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, strange talents, and unexpected discoveries. We are looking for original manuscripts as well as reprints. We do not publish fiction--at least not willingly.

What are my chances of getting published here?

Pretty slim, frankly. We are highly selective. We will turn down more than 95 percent of the works submitted to us. We only want the best.

How will you promote my book?

The way any other publisher does it. We'll send out review copies. Write a press release. And do our darnedest to get your book (our book) noticed. But frankly you'll have to do most of the selling yourself. We're just being honest. This is the big dirty secret in the publishing world -- what no publisher, big or small, wants to tell you: how well a book does depends entirely on how much effort the author is willing to put into it. It helps to be lucky, too.

Where do I submit my proposal?

Right . Tell us what your book is about in one paragraph and tell us about yourself in another paragraph. If we want to see more, we'll let you know.

Are you a traditional publisher or vanity press?

We are not a a vanity press. We do not charge our authors. But we are not a multinational conglomerate either, which means we are not rich, so we cannot offer advances. If all you care about is making a fortune, you'd better look elsewhere. We simply want to publish good books. Everything else is secondary. We are a traditional publisher in the sense that we are highly selective about the books we publish, edit our books carefully, and work with a designer to produce attractive, eye-catching books. And we do it all using print-on-demand technology. Why? Because it's the future of print book publishing, that's why. Truly.



Do you earn a commission when we purchase a product through links to Amazon on your site?

Yes, as an Amazon Associate, we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This applies to links to Amazon products only. Thank you for your support of our website.



We publish both print and digital books devoted exclusively to UFOs, Bigfoot, the paranormal, and other unexplained mysteries.

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