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When Things Disappear... and Come Back or Relocate – and Why It Really Happens

by Mary Rose Barrington

Trade Paperback, 196 Pages

$15.95, ISBN: 9781938398940

Genre(s): Psychic Abilities

Rifts in the Fabric of Causality
Jott is derived from Just One of Those Things, meaning things that fall on the floor and are never seen again, or were placed on a table for ready access but were next seen a few weeks later in a box of corks inside a drawer in a trunk, or which are not where you left them but unaccountably re-appear, on top of something you have just placed there... Jott takes a variety of forms, but is generally dismissed as your faulty memory, your faulty perception, your inability to report facts correctly, or just as a nuisance best forgotten. But sometimes the anomaly really is a blip in our causal reality. The author presents some cases that resist conventional explanations and goes on to examine the far-reaching implications of these seemingly trivial incidents.

About the Author:

Mary Rose Barrington, born in London far back in 1926, became a lawyer and charity administrator, assisting in the management of property interests, finance,and welfare for groups of almshouses. Her non-professional activities have included working for voluntary euthanasia and animal protection, applying her legal resources to these causes. She is now a vice-president of the Society for Psychical Research, which brings her full circle back to the time when she became President of the Oxford University SPR, psychical research having been a main interest since her schooldays.

Photo Credit: Rosemarie Pilkington

Check out Mary Rose Barrington's delightful essay "Beyond the Boggle Threshold: Confessions of a Macro Addict" in  MEN AND WOMEN OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY, PERSONAL REFLECTIONS ESPRIT Volume 2, edited by Rosemarie Pilkington.

Chapter 1: What Is Jott?
Chapter 2: The Cases, Part 1: Walkabout, Turn-Up, and Comeback
Chapter 3: The Cases, Part 2: Flyaway, Windfall, and Trade-In; and Oddjott
Chapter 4: The Context
Chapter 5: Psi Reality: A Framework for Jott
Index of Names

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What they're saying:

"This book accomplishes the nearly miraculous achievement of being both substantive and highly entertaining... I’ve argued that we need fewer lab parapsychologists and more parapsychological naturalists, good observers (like the biological naturalist), who can record and systematize the subtleties of broad ranges of relevant phenomena and behavior...Barrington, in her book, plays this crucial role of the parapsychological naturalist, by looking at some unheralded peculiar events and then trying to incorporate them into the big picture. She focuses on a class of ostensibly paranormal phenomena that have received much less attention than, say, cases of apparitions and poltergeists. And she’s clear about why that is.The phenomena typically and all too easily get dismissed as merely a nuisance and are readily put out of mind...the best of these cases present real puzzles with serious ontological implications...Incidentally, readers fortunate enough to know Barrington will not be surprised at the delicious and often trenchant humor found in this book...So Barrington’s book is easy to recommend. She has undoubtedly and successfully argued for including JOTT in a satisfactory theory of the paranormal." — Stephen E. Braude, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Spring 2019. 

"We have Mary Rose Barrington to thank for identifying and classifying a type of phenomenon that has huge theoretical implications, even if it lies far beyond the understanding of current standard science...inventiveness and perception on a scale that cannot be adequately reviewed or summarized; [her context chapter] stretches the ordinary mind about as far as it can go, beyond the boggle threshold. Read it."—John Poynton, Journal of the Society for Physical Research

"The author... has applied her legal mind to investigating claims of objects that have disappeared and returned, or not returned, or have appeared for the first time, for which there appears to be no normal explanation such as memory lapse, absent mindedness, inadequate searching, third party trickery, deliberate deception, and so on...Barrington has over 180 cases of jott on file, grouped by similarity of occurrence into six categories...A lot of serious thought and much fascinating information has gone into the 190 pages of this book (referenced and indexed) - I strongly recommend it." — Robert A. Charman, Society for Psychical Research

"However Jott may have to be explained, classified, and inserted within parapsychology as a whole, Barrington has convincingly demonstrated to me that the phenomenon exists and that it cannot be dismissed as stupid coincidence, illusions or hallucinations." — Titus Rivas, ParaVisie Magazine


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