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Smile of the Universe
Miracles in an Age of Disbelief

by Michael Grosso

Paperback, 228 Pages

$16.95, ISBN: 9781949501131

Genre(s): Psychic Abilities

The word miracle is rooted in a Sanskrit syllable smi, from which we get the English word smile. So a miracle refers to a smile induced by certain sensations of awe, beauty, and wonder.

Humans have always had extraordinary experiences, often called miracles.  An account of reported miraculous phenomena, Smile of the Universe takes us beyond conventional religion and science to explore the outer reaches of human potential. Grounded in true stories and matters of fact, Michael Grosso argues for the reality of a great Mind and for the human ability to communicate with that Mind. In an age of disbelief, it presents a fact-based template for experimental spirituality and makes the case that every one of us, rightly understood, is a smile of the universe.   

About the Author:

Michael Grosso obtained his Ph.D. in philosophy from Columbia University and has taught philosophy and the humanities at New Jersey City University, City University of New York, and elsewhere. An artist and independent scholar, he divides his time between consciousness research, miracle hunting (, and painting ( Among his books are The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation, Experiencing the Next World Now, and Soulmaking.

Listen to Michael Grosso talk about his new book and Religious Miracles on New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove.


One: Opening Salvos
Two: A Concise Anthology of Miracles
Three: Beyond Physicalism
Four: Things to Do with Miracles
Five: Living by Miracle
Six: The Hypothesis of Mind at Large
Seven: Dialogue with the Transcendent
Last Words: Beyond Science & Religion

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What they're saying:

"Michael Grosso has written a sophisticated philosophical and scientific analysis of miracles—a universal phenomenon perhaps never-before investigated so thoroughly in such a sober and open-minded manner.  This is a wonderful book, and one of a small number of must-reads if one is truly interested in expanding a science of mind, and in deepening our insight into who we are as living conscious beings.  There's nothing else like it: a tour de force, and a unique contribution to science writ large!" — David E. Presti, professor of neurobiology, University of California, Berkeley, and author of Foundational Concepts in Neuroscience and Mind Beyond Brain

"If you don't believe in miracles, you need to read this book. If after reading it you still don't believe in miracles, then you need to read it again, but more carefully. Michael Grosso's Smile of the Universe forces our eyes to open to a realm beyond the tenets of science or religion, and to something larger that is -- for want of a better word -- truly miraculous." — Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Real Magic

"Michael Grosso describes some of the most astonishing miracles ever witnessed, ranging across cultures and centuries. His purpose is not to titillate or amaze, but to expose the falsity of materialism, which cannot accommodate well-established facts. But Grosso is only getting started. He tells us that 'intelligent and powerful beings of unknown provenance' lurk inside us, and that a greater Mind that we are all a part of, though temporarily separated from it and from each other by our bodies, may be producing effects in us 'in curious, often ambiguous, but sometimes spectacular ways,' as in what we label miracles. The title of this book does not begin to suggest its importance. Grosso constructs a worldview, in transparently clear English, that makes room for the best in religion and philosophy while avoiding their numerous pitfalls. I found Smile of the Universe a brilliant and inspiring reading adventure." — Stafford Betty, Ph.D. in theology, author of The Afterlife Unveiled 

"[Grosso] builds a logical case that the material world view is unable to embrace the miraculous--that the miracles that have occurred constantly over the centuries and been well documented call for an expanded world view...Of course this book overflows with unexplainable, documented occurrences... In this wonderful book Michael puts forth the premise that the transformation of society and human nature is possible." — Michael Peter Langevin, The Echo World

Grosso's "aim is to look at the facts in a historical context, and to try and find out from the reports and evidence available if a particular miracle really did happen, and if so, what are the consequences...he has brought a philosopher’s mind to bear on the meaning of miracles..He has in summary had a rummage through a larder stuffed with goodies, from which he has concocted a cake of different layers incorporating tasty morsels throughout, rich, delicious, nourishing, not too big but good value." — Graham Kidd, Society for Psychical Reserach

"The latest scintillating and provocative book by veteran parapsychologist Michael Grosso focuses on miracles as an indicator of latent human capacities. They are paranormal in the sense of being physically unexplained, and they occur in the context of religious belief, symbols, and experience." — Paradigm Explorer

"Here’s a sane, erudite and engrossing study that banishes the mists of eschatological obfuscation to say something fresh and relevant to modern readers. Michael Grosso wants 'to save miracles from the dogmatic clutches of both religion and science'. Smile of the Universe – a study of 'miracles in annage of disbelief' – is the culmination of Grosso’s thoughtful inquiries into paranormal experiences...For anyone with honest curiosity who takes the time to look, there are data out there worthy of serious consideration, however rare and anomalous they may be...Grosso discusses in detail an extensive range of phenomena with which 'science' has failed to engage, except to argue that they have no reality or causation within the 'scientific' doctrines of physicality and materialism...Grosso’s prose is clear, methodical, and open-minded, and like Fort, exhorts us to have confidence in questioning limitations set by others, because 'miracles violate nothing but intellectual provincialism'." — Bob Rickard, Fortean Times


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