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Beyond Shadow World

by Brad Steiger

Trade Paperback, 284 Pages

$18.95, ISBN: 1933665386

Genre(s): Paranormal Psychic Abilities

In this, the third volume of Brad Steiger’s SHADOW WORLD series, the “master of the paranormal” expands the roster of extra-dimensional beings that we share our universe with. In addition to the spirits of the dead, nature spirits, spirit parasites, and spirit mimics, he also explores the nature of the Light Beings, which include the benevolent entities known as angels, spirit guides, spirit teachers, and celestial visitors or “space brothers.” Though Steiger provides techniques for contact and behavior with them, he warns that such entities should never be either worshipped or summoned–as they may not be what they claim to be.

About the Author:

Brad Steiger is the author of more than 170 books including the first two volumes of the Shadow World series: Shadow World and Otherworldly Affaires. He is a frequent guest on a variety of television and radio programs. Visit his website at

Originally published as Our Shared World of the Supernatural, this edition contains a brand new 15-page preface by Brad Steiger.


Preface: Entering the Mysterious Dimensions Beyond Shadow World  

1. The World of the Supernatural Surrounds Us  

2. Living with the Many Ghosts of Inspiration House  

3. Lucy Fritch, the Friendly Spirit  

4. Bringing Peace to a House of Violent Death  

5. Meeting Your Spirit Teacher  

6. The Other Face in the Mirror  

7. Angels, Spirit Guides, Light Beings, and Space Brothers 

8. We Are Spiritual Beings Experiencing Many Dimensions 

9. A Ragged Stranger Reset His Moral Compass 

10. The Seeress Who Talks to Spirits  

11. He Collaborated with an Interdimensional Being and Became a Pioneer of New Age Music  

12. Finding Your Sacred Place and Receiving Dream Teachings 

13. Guardian Spirits Never Go Off Duty

14. Banish Negativity and Become a Spiritual Warrior 

15. Become One with the Supernatural Force That Governs the Universe 

16. Maintaining a Mystical State of Consciousness  

References and Resources 

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What they're saying:

"A masterful evaluation of the spirit realm by one of the most respected experts in spirit phenomenon today...From the exorcism of a small boy’s spirit left behind after a tragic murder, to the dangers of out-of-body projections and even the methodology behind contacting our “spirit teachers,” the entire experience of Beyond Shadow World involves the reader as an educational experience...Brad Steiger has, again, illustrated for us the dark side, but this time with such an element of light, hope and discovery that our ultimate knowledge of the Shadow World can finally be faced without fear, regret, or repression." — Micah A. Hanks, The Gralien Report 

"Beyond Shadow World is more than just a collection of ghostly tales to be digested at the witching hour. Yes, it’s a deep and thoughtful look at the whole controversy of the afterlife - but it also reveals much more...thought-provoking and informative...a must read." — Nick Redfern, UFO Mystic

This edition "includes the addition of a 15-page Preface added by Brad that really jumpstarts the exciting pace of things that will soon follow in the main body of his book as he begins describing a number of fascinating accounts of men and women who have encountered 'mysterious multidimensional beings' of unknown origins and motives, who seemingly enter our world through interdimensional 'holes' or 'doorways.'...Here’s yet another Brad Steiger classic!" — Brent Raynes,  Alternate Perceptions Magazine

"A fantastic compilation...for gaining basic knowledge about spiritual enlightenment. A must read!” — Phyllis Galde, editor of Fate

“This book will help you tap into the tremendous help available to you from the invisible side of life.” — Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., author of Universal Vision

“Whether your interests lie in dream research, interaction with spirits, or just...learning how to banish negative forces from your life, Steiger knows how to open the door that can show [you] the way.” — Elliot Lee Spiegel, award winning radio producer and writer

“A road map to places beyond our imagination...I give this book my highest recommendation.”— Erskine, host of Erskine Overnight


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