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Celestial Secrets
The Hidden History of the Fátima Incident

by Joaquim Fernandes & Fina D’Armada

Trade Paperback, 276 Pages, 50 Illustrations

$17.95, ISBN: 193366522X

Genre(s): UFOs Historical Mysteries

In 1917, three Portuguese children encountered a radiant woman who told them three secrets about the fate of the Earth. The apparitions of Fátima became a legend. In 1978, historians Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d' Armada were given access to the original records of the Fátima incident that had been kept at the Sanctuary of Fátima since 1917. The celestial secrets they found within held what religion could not admit and what science could not explain. Here, for the first time, they tell the history of the 1941 "cover story" by the Church that has both shaped our modern view of the Fátima incident and obscured its true significance as the first major close encounter case of the 20th century. 

About the Author:

JOAQUIM FERNANDES, Ph.D. is a Professor of History at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal. He directs the Multicultural Apparitions Research International Academic Network (MARIAN). His research interests include the history of science and the comparative anthropology of religion, with an emphasis on anomalistic phenomena.

FINA D’ARMADA has a Master’s degree in Womens’ Studies. She has written five books about Fatima, all based on original documents held in the archives – three co-authored with Fernandes – and hundreds of articles. Her research interests include phenomenology, local history, the history of women, and the era of Portuguese discovery. 

Translated from Portuguese by Alexandra Bruce
Edited by Andrew D. Basiago 
Foreword by Jim Marrs

This is a reprint of a book first published by EcceNova Editions in 2006.

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Foreword   i 

Introduction   iv 

Part I - Operation Fátima 

1.  Fátima Apparitions Predicted In The Portuguese Press   1 

In Search Of New Neighbors   7 

The Message Received In Lisbon   9 

The Message Received In Porto   15 

The Messages From “Elsewhere” - The Classics And The Variants   19 

Features And Content Of The Religious Message   22 

External Conditions Of The “Messages” Of February 7, 1917   24 

2.  A Strategic Reconnaissance Of Fátima   29 

The Local Setting And Geology   30 

Demographic And Historical Outline Of The Region   32 

Other 'Marian Apparitions' In The Region   34 

Telluric Energy And Grotto Cults   40 

Conclusion: Towards A Microstructure Of The Fátima Area   42 

3.  Messengers From “Elsewhere”   44 

The “Pre-apparitions”   47 

The Pre-apparitions, According To Lúcia   52 

Critical Analysis Of Lúcia's “Angels”   56 

What Lúcia May Have Seen   60 

The Effects Produced By Lúcia's Angel   61 

The Gallery Of Angels   63 

The Behavior Of  “Celestial” Beings   66 

The Apparitions Of Fátima And Observations In France   67 

Apparitions Of The Angel And Seismic Activity   68 

4.  The Testimony Of The Fourth Witness 

     - The Telepathic Little Humanoid   73 

A “Close Encounter Of The Third Kind” Ignored   80 

5.  Communication - Universes In Dialogue   85 

The “Contactee” Syndrome   85 

Hypnotic Induction And The Effects Experienced By The Witnesses   89 

The Preparation For “Contact” - Rites And Symbols In The Ingestion   

 Of Liquids And Solids   92 

The Language Of The “Contactee”   94

Part II - Celestial Signs And Earthly Miracles 

1.  Fátima After 1917 - A Continuity   103 

Phenomena Observed At Cova Da Iria   104 

Phenomena Observed Outside Of Fátima   107 

Related Phenomena Outside Of Fátima   110 

Observations Of Luis António Carraça, Along With His Family 

   And 15 Others, On May 13, 1925   111 

2.  Paranormal Healing - Diagnosis Of A “Heresy”   114 

Pre-christian Sanctuaries And Cures - The Spirit Of Place   115 

Psychotherapy And “Miracle Cures”   117 

The Processes Of Healing In Psychotherapy   118 

Unknown Cures And Energies - A Case Of Rejuvenation   119 

Healing In Fátima After 1917   123 

The Unexpected Guests - Or The “Ladies” From “Elsewhere”   129 

3.  To Be Or Not To Be - The Essence Of Our Celestial Visitors   


Part III- The Secret Behind The Secret 

1.  Secrecy - The Soul Of Fátima   143 

The Vatican's Revelation Of The Secret   144 

The Disenchantment   146 

Fátima I And Fátima Ii   147 

2.  The Secret Of The Sanctuary   151 

The Notes Of The Parish Priest   152 

Canon Formigão's Previously Unpublished Notations   153 

3.  Does The Secret Revealed Correspond To 

     That Of 1917?   156 

The Month Of The Revelation Of The Secret   156 

The Secret As Rumor   159 

The June Secret   161 

The People And The Secret In 1917   163 

4.  The Jesuits And The Secret Of Fátima   167 

The Jesuits In Portugal And In Russia   168 

Lúcia's Encounter With The Jesuits   171 

The First Five Saturdays And Pope Pius X   174 

The Secret In The Hands Of The Jesuits   180 

The Multiplication Of The Secret   183 

The Immaculate Heart And The Jesuit's Letter (1848)   184 

Russia And Father Gonçalves   187

A Sign In The Sky   192 

The Second Secret Of 1941   195 

Belgian Criticism - Who Do You Take Us For, Sirs?   200 

5.  The Editing Of The Third Secret And The 

     Invented Secrets   207 

The Editing Of The Secret   207 

The Invented Third Secrets   210 

United States - Fear In 1960   215 

The Idea Of A “Lady” Who Revealed The Secret   217 

Are There Two Manuscripts Of The Third Secret?   218 

Cesanek's Ten Questions   220 

6.  The Apparitional Process: Methods And Content   227 

The First Secret   227 

Gilberto Santos And “The Vision Of Terror”   229 

Secrets In Marian Apparitions   232 

The Content Of The Secrets  233 

The Induction Of Secrets And Images In Contemporary 

   “Contactee” Events   234 

Failed “Extraterrestrial” Prophecies   237 

A Lay/Religious Fusion Contact Case   238 

New Religions From Other Worlds   241 

Neo-religious Profile Of Contacteeism   242 

Between God And The Devil   245 

Conclusion - What Is The Secret Of Fátima?   249

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What they're saying:

Best Ever Published 

"For the true believer and the skeptic alike, Celestial Secrets provides the best researched, the most detailed, and the most comprehensive look at the Fátima apparitions ever published." — Jim Marrs,  Alien Agenda 

An Important Archive 

"[T]his volume focuses on the evidence of conspiracy within the Catholic hierarchy — and the Jesuits in particular — to suppress the extensive archive of original investigations, eyewitness testimony, and interviews... Read it with an open mind and apply its data and analysis to all that you already know about claimed contact with aliens, fairies, demons, angels and gods, and I’d be surprised if you didn’t find it all more mysterious than before."                     — Bob Rickard,  Fortean Times 

A Pleasure to Read

"The trilogy argues, quite convincingly, that the famous Fátima incident of 1917 ... did not actually involve a series of Marian apparitions (as is commonly accepted) but may in fact have been a sequence of extra-terrestrial encounters of a most unusual nature...Celestial Secrets...explores the supposed church 'cover-up' surrounding the matter, which the authors claim has both influenced the modern interpretation of the Fátima incident and concealed what may very likely be one of the first recorded cases of a 20th century alien encounter...The book left me convinced that indeed a church cover-up had occurred...the subject and the recorded events make for compelling reading in whatever context one wishes to interpret them."  — Mortimer,


"This book is valuable because it brings to light the machinations of the Jesuits who shaped and controlled the story a manner that suited their religious viewpoint. The authors' revelations are based on their unprecedented access to the original records of the incident, which were kept secretly by the Catholic Church at the Santuary of Fatima." — Nigel Watson, Ohmynews


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