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Columbus Was Last
From 200,000 to 1492, a Heretical History of Who Was First

by Patrick Huyghe

Trade Paperback, 276 Pages

$17.95, ISBN: 1933665017

Genre(s): Historical Mysteries

Columbus Was Last is an engrossing narrative about the research of archeologists, geographers, geologists, oceanographers, linguists, folklorists, ethnobotanists, and other scholars that convincingly dispels the simplistic legend that Columbus was the first to"discover" America.

About the Author:

Patrick Huyghe is a writer, editor, publisher, and television producer. He spent two decades writing about science for magazines from Omni to Discover; produced television documentaries for WGBH and WNET; and is the author of nine books. He is currently the editor of Anomalist Books.


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First Americans
The PotteryConnection
Ancient World Survey
A Sea Change
A Copper Trade
American Graffiti
Pacific Wave
Things Roman
The Great Regatta
Land of Fu-Sang
An Irish Odyssey
Vinland and More
The Bastard Prince
Black Heritage
Trinity Sunday
Photo Finishes
Columbus Was Last

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What they're saying:

"The best book so far to answer the question 'Who discovered America?'...This important, spell-binding report replaces sugar-coated myths about Columbus's invasion of America with indispensable history." — Publishers Weekly

"A thoughtful and challenging consideration of the many voyagers who might have reached the Americas by sea before the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria...Well informed and well written, always provocative if not conclusive, this is revisionist history with a vengeance --and about time, too." — Kirkus Reviews

"Persuasively and emphatically disputes the fact that Columbus actually discovered America...A long-overdue tribute to a score of forgotten and disregarded explorers, adventurers, and sailors. Highly recommended..." — Booklist


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