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Encounters at Indian Head
The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited

by Karl Pflock & Peter Brookesmith, eds.

Trade Paperback, 312 Pages, 20 Illustrations

$19.95, ISBN: 1933665181

Genre(s): UFOs

September 1961: Near Indian Head, New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill have a disturbing encounter with a UFO while driving home from a short vacation. Later, under hypnosis, the couple recall having been abducted by aliens.

October 1966: John Fuller’s book, The Interrupted Journey, based on the Hills’ story, is published, and becomes an immediate best seller. 

October 1975: NBC airs the story in a made-for-TV movie titled The UFO Incident. James Earl Jones portrays Barney Hill, and Estelle Parsons plays Betty.

September 2000: Nearly 40 years after the original incident, a symposium of seasoned, independent UFO researchers is held at Indian Head, New Hampshire, to re-evaluate this classic UFO abduction case. 

Among the participants are Hilary Evans and Peter Brookesmith from the U.K., with Thomas ‘Ed’ Bullard, Karl Pflock, Dennis Stacy, and Robert Scheaffer from the U.S. Sociologist and veteran anomalist Marcello Truzzi chairs the meeting. Betty Hill joins the group for an evening’s entertainment and a morning tour of the sites where, she says, she and Barney encountered aliens. What the participants concluded is recorded here, along with additional commentaries written especially for this book by the Hills’ first investigator, Walter N. Webb, and critical analyst Martin Kottmeyer. The result of this unique meeting of minds was more than an exercise in diverse interpretations: it became a common quest to establish, as far as humanly possible, what actually happened to the Hills so many years ago. 

About the Author:

Editor Peter Brookesmith was co-creator with Karl Pflock of the Indian Head Symposium.He spent some years as an advertising copywriter, and then took a degree at the University of York, England, in English and French literature; his D.Phil. thesis concerned anthropological, musicological, and sociological connections between pre-industrial Anglo-American folk music and rock music of the 1960s and ’70s. He next worked for the Nuffield Foundation, editing science texts for schools, before going into mainstream publishing. He has written books on firearms and shooting techniques, past and future plagues, domestic bugs and bacteria, and equine psychology, as well as four (one co-authored with Paul Devereux) largely skeptical books on UFOs. He is also a regular if infrequent contributor to Fortean Times and Magonia, and lives and works in rural England.

Editor Karl T. Pflock was a writer, consultant, and UFO researcher, and at various times served as a CIA intelligence officer, congressional staffer, and deputy assistant secretary of defense. He held a degree in philosophy and political science from San José State University. His articles on UFOs appeared in such journals as Omni, Fortean Times, the International UFO Reporter, The Anomalist, Fate, The MUFON UFO Journal, Cuadernos de Ufología (Spain), and the MUFON 1995 International UFO Symposium Proceedings, and he contributed a chapter to UFOs 1947-1997 (Evans and Stacy, eds.). His Roswell in Perspective, a book-length monograph on his investigation of the Roswell “crashed-saucer” incident through March 1994, was published by the Fund for UFO Research in 1994. His Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe (Prometheus, 2001) is now in its second printing, and a French edition is planned. Shockingly Close to the Truth! (Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist), written in collaboration with James W. Moseley, was published by Prometheus Books in 2002. In 1998, he was named Ufologist of the Year by the National UFO Conference. His interest in UFOs was virtually lifelong, inspired in part by his own sighting as a boy in 1951 or 1952. In latter years Karl Pflock lived and worked near Albuquerque, New Mexico; he passed away at home on June 5, 2006.

Was the “first” UFO abduction the result of a genuine alien encounter or the product of some well-primed imaginations? 


Being There  9 

Images from Indian Head  19 

Chapter One: A Night and a Morning to Remember  28 

Chapter Two: Judging the Hill Case  70 

Chapter Three: The Start of Something Rich and Strange  91 

Chapter Four: Beyond the UFO Horizon  127 

Chapter Five: Of Time and the River  152 

Chapter Six: There Were No Extraterrestrials  186 

Chapter Seven: A Singular Visitation  209 

Chapter Eight: Reflections on the Hill Case  239 

Appendix: “No One Should Know of This Experience”  272 

Index  308

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What they're saying:

"Indian Head is, quite possibly the most significant published piece of work on the [Betty and Barney] Hill affair to date...This is the sort of book that I have wanted to see published for a long time: namely one that sees a group of Ufologists, researchers and writers get together, debate and discuss a controversial case, argue and defend their respective positions, and then try and reach some form of conclusion...a good, solid, wide-ranging study of one of the most famous, talked-about and important UFO cases of all time. And while the book contains a variety of theories from an equal variety of observers, all seem unanimous in the idea that - whatever the truth of the Hill affair - its effect and influence upon Ufology and alien abduction research and reports has been enormous.” — Nick Redfern, UFO Mystic

“It’s an exemplary debriefing on how a story grew in the telling, influencing the content of many ‘abduction’ experiences to follow and, in turn, giving birth to the ‘missing time’ school of self-referenced and highly subjective (but very bankable in terms of media) ufology. The lack of consensus on what happened to the Hills reflects a healthy division of opinion in ufology.” — Bob Rickard, Fortean Times, which gave it a perfect "10" and  called it “Intelligent, wide-ranging and a must have for UFOlogists."

Encounters at Indian Head is an excellent study of why the uncertainties of human testimony alone will guarantee that there will always be room for doubt, and that resolution of a case of that type will always be dependent on one’s approach...I recommended the book.” — Bill Chalker, The UFOlogist

“The 10 essays by nine experts range from highly technical and footnoted to deeply philosophical. We hear the Hills’ story from many perspectives… Encounters at Indian Head is an earnest attempt to fathom the unfathomable. It’s about much more than Betty and Barney and what happened to them. It’s about what we believe and why we believe it." — Rebecca Rule,  The Concord Monitor


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