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Extreme Expeditions
Travel Adventures Stalking the World's Mystery Animals

by Adam Davies

Trade Paperback, 164 Pages

$14.95, ISBN: 1933665319

Genre(s): Cryptozoology

Does a dinosaur exist in the Congo?
Does a Yeti-like creature live in the jungles of Sumatra? 
Does a fearsome Death Worm inhabit the deserts of Mongolia?

Explorer Adam Davies has traveled some of the most dangerous places in the world in search of these and other supposedly mythical beasts. In this fascinating account of his adventures, you'll read how he was shot at in the Congo, arrested and interrogated by the Mongolian Army in the Gobi Desert, filmed Norway's Nessie as it charged across a lake, and made world news when leading scientists backed his claims that a "jungle Yeti" exists! 

FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY: Foul language, excessive drinking, sexual situations, and encounters with some creatures of the natural world that would scare young children and more than a few adults as well.

About the Author:

ADAM DAVIES has been described as an “explorer,” “adventurer,” and “cryptozoologist.” But whatever the label, there can be no doubt that he has crossed some of the most inhospitable and unexplored parts of the world in an effort to bring back evidence of often legendary beasts. When not on expedition, he is a mildmannered Civil Servant living in Manchester in the United Kingdom. He spends most of his spare time and all of his money searching for mysterious creatures. Both his quests and successes have made headlines around the world.

Check out  The "Seljord Serpent" video on YouTube

Read the latest article by Adam Davies in issue 7 of EdgeScience.


January/February 1998
First trip to Sumatra – Orang-Pendek

July 1998
First trip to the Congo– Mokele-Mbembe

August 1999
Norway – Selma

October 2000
Scotland – Loch Ness Monster 

November/December 2000
Congo 2 – Mokele-Mbembe

September 2002
Sumatra 2 – Orang–Pendek

June 2003
Mongolia – Korkhoi

September 2004
Sumatra 3 – Orang-Pendek

June 2006
Mongolia – Almas

September 2007
Sumatra 4 – Orang-Pendek

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What they're saying:

“Trek with cryptozoologist Adam Davies as he brings his early jungle-filled dreams to life in this series of adventurous journeys in search of lake monsters, hairy apelike creatures, and other creatures still alive in our world.” — Loren Coleman, author of The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates

"Besides being an enormously entertaining and frequently riotously funny read, Extreme Expeditions is, I felt, a very moving account of a man that is motivated by both a fascination for these creatures and a deep concern for their safety and preservation... I came away from reading his book with deep respect for the man's sense of purpose and sheer determination. I think the logistics involved in traveling to and through an area like the Congolese jungles or the Mongolian desert would be enough to stop me in my tracks. Once there, however, Adam and his crew have faced all manner of danger and hardship...It's a rare opportunity and privilege to meet someone who consistently puts himself in harm's way to pursue his passion, and I finished Extreme Expeditions with a true admiration for Adam Davies." — John Carlson, The Paranomalist


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