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Heavenly Lights
The Apparitions of Fátima and the UFO Phenomenon

by Joaquim Fernandes & Fina D'Armada

Trade Paperback, 284 Pages, 30 Illustrations

$17.95, ISBN: 1933665211

Genre(s): UFOs Historical Mysteries

A meticulous synthesis of history, science, and Ufology, Heavenly Lights establishes that the famed Fátima Incident of 1917 did not involve "Marian apparitions" - as is conventionally believed - but a series of close encounters with alien beings. The first history of the Fátima incident to be written by Portuguese historians based on the original documents of the case held in secrecy by the Catholic Church since the time of the apparitions, Heavenly Lights subjects all of the pertinent facts of the Fátima case to a sweeping evidentiary analysis that is at once thorough and fascinating. When it was first published in Portugal in 1995, the Jornal de Notícias heralded this work as "a literary success without precedent."

About the Author:

Joaquim Fernandes, Ph.D. and Fina D'Armada, M.A. are Portuguese historians who have researched and written about the Fátima case for more than 25 years. Their works As Aparições de Fátima e o Fenómeno OVNI and Fátima: Nos Bastidores do Segredo are definitive histories of the Fátima Incident of 1917.

Translated from Portuguese & Edited by 
Andrew D. Basiago & Eva M. Thompson 

Foreword by Jacques F. Vallée

This is a reprint of a book first published by EcceNova Editions in 2005.

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Part I
Phenomena Associated With The Being Of Fátima

1. The Day Of May 13th   

The Little Shepherds   

The Encounter With The Lady   

2. What Was The Being Like?  

Physical Aspects   

The Wardrobe  

The Adornments   

The Movements   

3. Who Was The Being?   

The Seers’ Doubts  

The Enduring Facts Of The Message Of Fátima  

The Unidentified Being   

What Origins?   

Part II
Phenomena Associated With Cova Da Iria

1. Lightning   

Parallels In Ufology   

2. “The Buzzing Of Bees”  

Parallels In Ufology   

3. Thunder   

Thunder At The Arrival Of The Being   

“The Roar Of Rockets” At The Departure Of The Being   

The Thunder And The Gods   

Parallels In Ufology   

4. Bizarre Clouds   

Parallels In Ufology   

5. Effects On The Environment   

Parallels In Ufology   

6. Odors  

Parallels In Ufology   

7. Luminous Objects   

Objects Inside Of Clouds   

Classical Ufos   

“Flying Eyes” Or “Foo-fighters”  

Parallels In Ufology   

8. Ramps Of Light   

Parallels In Ufology   

9. Breezes   

Parallels In Ufology   

10. Angel Hair [“The Rain Of Flowers”]   

Parallels In Ufology   

Angel Hair Dossier – The Fibralvina Of The Ufos   

11. Effects On Animals   

12. The Testimony Of The “Fourth Seer” – The Small, “Telepathic”Humanoid   

One Ignored – “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”   

13. Experimental Observations Of The Effects Of Microwaves   

Part III
Phenomena Associated With “The Miracle Of The Sun”

1. Meteorological Conditions On The Day Of October 13, 1917   

2. The Antecedents Of The “Miracle”   

3. The Function Of The Clouds   

4. A Description Of The Phenomenon  

5. Chromatic Effects   

Coloration Of The “Sun”   

Parallels In Ufology  

Coloration Of The Atmosphere   

6. Movements Of The “Sun”   

Gyrating Movement – Spinning Upon Itself   

Gyrating Movement – Merely On The Periphery   

Other Movements   

The Position Of The “Sun” In The Sky   

Movement On Its Descent   

The Ascent And A Return To Normalcy  

Parallels In Ufology  

7. Thermal Effects   

Parallels In Ufology   

8. Mechanical Breakdowns And Suction Effects   

Effects Of Suction Upon The Oak Trees 

9. Simultaneous Cures   

Parallels In Ufology   

10. The Crewmembers Of The “Sun”   

Lúcia’s Testimony   

The Testimony Of The Other Seers   

The Testimony Of The Crowd   

Observations Of The Virgin   

Saint Joseph  

Three Beings  

Parallels In Ufology  

11. Observations On The Same Day  

Simultaneous Observations  

Non-simultaneous Observations  

12. Analysis Of The Statistics Of The Witnesses  

13. The Observatories: “Everything Normal”  

14. The Hallucination Hypothesis  

15. Mimetic Aspects Of The “Solar” Phenomenon  

Parallels In Ufology   

16. The Process Of The “Miracle” Or The Anti-absurd Explanation   

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What they're saying:

"[One] cannot fault [the authors’] careful deconstruction of fi rst-hand accounts... This study deserves to be read by all perceptual and social psychologists and historians, indeed, by anyone interested in primary documentation of a major anomalous event... Heavenly Lights is priceless, and Fernandes and d’Armada should be congratulated on their important contribution to understanding what goes on in the minds of those undergoing visionary experiences." — Bob Rickard, Fortean Times

A Heavenly Tour de Force
"A work of singular distinction... abundant in detail... with hundreds of facts taken from the actual historical record... What emerges is a true telling of the Fátima incident of 1917 that will stand the test of time as the leading book that establishes the extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional origin of this landmark case in the history of the paranormal." — Lawrence Kennedy, noted parapsychologist

Thoroughly Researched
"This a full-blown, indepth and thoroughly researched exploration of the facts in this extraordinary case. Not a few paragraphs devoted to some of the highlights of this astounding case, but a truly detailed presentation and compilation of the evidence and its similarities to the global UFO phenomenon. Originally published in Portuguese, the authors, Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D’ Armada, conducted an extensive amount of original research that should be loudly applauded. Also their close examination and comparisons to all of the case details and the parallels that they isolated from UFO cases in various parts of the world, establishes an even much stronger and greater case for what ufologists have been writing and saying about the extraordinary Fatima events for so many years now. Easy to read and filled with wonderful illustrations and graphs, this is a great addition to any ufologist’s or parapsychologist’s library." — Brent Raynes, Alternate Perceptions 


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