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Love in an Alien Purgatory
The Life and Fantastic Art of David Huggins

by Farah Yurdozu

Trade Paperback, 68 Pages, 84 Illustrations

$19.95, ISBN: 1933665432

Genre(s): UFOs

In 1951, a young boy in rural Georgia was visited and abducted by a group of alien visitors from an unknown dimension. That contact continued over several decades and resulted in the birth of more than sixty hybrid children... and one of the most remarkable stories in all of UFO lore. 

Love in an Alien Purgatory is the startling pictorial account of David Huggins’ hidden life, as revealed in his own vivid and sometimes disturbing paintings. With commentary and text by UFO investigator Farah Yurdozu, David’s story takes the reader into a world between two dimensions: a purgatory of hope, sex, fear and, ultimately, love.

About the Author:

FARAH YURDOZU is a leading UFO researcher and author of several bestselling books. Fluent in Turkish, English, and Spanish, she is known on several continents as an authority on alien abductions, the paranormal, and the metaphysical. Farah, a resident of the New York City area, is a columnist for UFO Magazine, a journalist/ producer at Jerry Pippin Internet Radio, and a lecturer at UFO conferences worldwide.

This is a LARGE 8.5 by 11 inch trade paperback with 84 illustrations, most of which are in FULL COLOR.
Mature content.

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Don't miss the interview with David Huggins at The Art Blog: "David Huggins – an uncommon life."

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A documentary called Love and Saucers has been produced based on David's experiences.

An Abductee Outsider Artist’s Tender Documents Of His Extraterrestrial Romance



Memory Leaks 

Childhood Encounters 

Last Days in Georgia 

The First Time  

The Big Apple 

My Baby 

A Great Sadness 




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What they're saying:

" of the strangest UFO books ever written." — Bob Girard of Arcturus Books

"After a fine introduction from Farah that firmly sets the scene, that relates the history of Huggins’ experiences, and that allows us to understand what it is that drives and motivates the man himself, we see his story unfold before our eyes via a large body of very skilled intriguing and thought-provoking as it is unique and alternative.” — Nick Redfern, UFO Mystic 

"Interesting is the fact that, though most 'experiencers' have a specific spiritual, religious, or political agenda to push on you, David does not. He seems to live a normal life...He doesn't claim to be a guru...Does David really believe all this, or is he putting us on for some reason? Our answer: He is absolutely sincere, but of course with no proof whatever...There are only two possibilities: Either David's experiences are solely the product of his own imagination (i.e. they are purely 'internal'), or they are caused by an outside source (i.e. an outside intelligence of some sort, apparently beyond our present understanding). We vote for the latter...David Huggins is a kind gentle sort of a man and good friend... [He] deserves to be taken seriously. Buy the damn book!" — James Moseley, Saucer Smear

“I’m writing this piece not to give the impression that I know David is telling the truth, because I don’t know; I’m on the fence about all of this. I celebrate the world of ideas no matter how far out some of them may seem. Even if this is a made-up story from the mind of a delusional man, the power of the idea remains the same. Ideas are essential to the curious mind, and we as artists need not fear the ideas of other artists no matter how alien they sound. If David is indeed ‘crazy’ he’s in good company. Unusual ideas are almost always perceived as odd or askew until the common mind can make use of it. And as we all know artists are anything but common …”—Corey Armpriester, The Artblog


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