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The Haunted Universe

by D. Scott Rogo

Trade Paperback, 180 Pages

$15.95, ISBN: 1933665157

Genre(s): UFOs Cryptozoology Paranormal Fortean Psychic Abilities

Breaking through the inhibitions of the field of parapsychology, D. Scott Rogo explores the possibility and examines the evidence that we are actually populating our universe with psychic creations-beings, objects, and other phenomena--that have taken on a physical reality and are now haunting our planet.

About the Author:

D. Scott Rogo (1950-1990) was one of the most widely respected writer-journalists covering the field of parapsychology, as well as an active scientific investigator. Educated at the University of Cincinnati and San Fernando Valley State College, Rogo held a unique position in parapsychology and made many contributions to the field that deserve recognition. He served as a visiting researcher at the Psychical Research Foundation, then in Durham, North Carolina, and at the Division of Parapsychology and Psychophysics of the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.  He published papers on ESP in refereed parapsychological journals and was active in field investigations of hauntings and poltergeists. Rogo was also a leading authority on the history of psychical research; the breadth of his historical knowledge of the field was unsurpassed. Over the course of more than two-dozen published books, Rogo sought to broaden the range of topics worthy of paranormal research.

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 A Tribute to My Murdered Cousin, D. Scott Rogo, by Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD


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EXCERPT FROM  Chapter 1:

Sometimes in our fight to be respectable we do become dull. Enmeshed in statistics, experimental designs, control groups and variables, psychic phenomena often lose much of their wonderland--excuse the term--aura. We fail to see the natural implications of what we are studying. If ESP and mind-over-matter do exist, what lies beyond, out there in our barely understood universe or within the recesses of our own minds? Back in Victorian England psychic investigations were labeled as attempts to “naturalize the supernatural,” and it was at that time that psychic research became a rather drab affair. To date, parapsychologists have only been concerned with the study of two groups of phenomena: extrasensory perception and psychokinesis.

This is a very limited outlook, for there are mysteries far beyond the “psychic” which we have not even begun to examine: the perpetually elusive UFO and the wild psychic manifestations recorded during their activity; supernatural but well-evidenced aerial lights and apparitions which have appeared during religious revivals; new dimensions of space contacted by those experiencing out-of-the-body travel; and “weeping” pictures and statues which have been recorded for centuries and which have baffled scientists and theologians alike. Whole new universes open up through the dimensions of psychic and preternatural phenomen

Are these phenomena paranormal or delusional? I think these weird manifestations are very real and have an intimate bearing on the nature of ESP and PK in general...

In this book I'm going to break through the inhibitions we work under in parapsychology. I'm not going to be reserved or worry about respectability in what I'm going to say or report. For years I have been interested in much more than just ESP and PK. I've seen a lot of that over the years. I've watched psychics work their wonders in the lab; after a six-year search I've had the good fortune to observe a rampaging poltergeist; I've seen animals react to unseen out-of-body visitors. But this is only the beginning of what lies out there in the strange Universe; mysteries are just waiting to be tracked down. And I'm going to report some of those mysteries now!


1 The Cosmic Interface

2 The Mystery of Teleportation

3 Mysteries and Miracles

4 UFOs: Space Vehicles or Psychic Entities?

5 Pascagoula Revisited: The Psychic Story

6 The Cosmic Invaders

7 A Psychic Look at Forteana


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What they're saying:

“At first glance one could dismiss this book as ingenuous, but in fact it is both well-considered and brave. It is a rational discussion of phenomena which, if true, would be considered parapsychological, but which even parapsychologists tend to reject out of hand, even as their critics dismiss phenomena parapsychologists consider legitimate. Rogo treats such taboo topics as teleportation, religious miracles (weeping and bleeding statues, materializations, mysterious lights and apparitions associated with religious figures), psychic phenomena associated with UFOs, the reality of evil, and types of "Forteana" likely to have a psi explanation.”— Exceptional Human Experience Network

"A wide-ranging look at the 'Psychic' component of a variety of Fortean and ufological events. A great deal of valuable material is presented here, including an analysis of lesser known aspects of the Pascagoula incident, a long look at the BVM apparitions at Zeitoun, more on US creature reports, and a most interesting chapter exploring the subjective origins of the UFO mystery. In all, a fascinating and readable account of interesting events." — John Rimmer, Magonia


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