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Spirit Voices
The First Live Conversation Between Worlds

by Mark L. Cowden

Trade Paperback, 182 Pages, 9 Illustrations

$16.95, ISBN: 1933665548

Genre(s): Paranormal

Mark L. Cowden is the audio-visual technician who recorded what is believed to be the first ever documented case of a live, two-way conversation with the spirit world. In early 2010, at an apparently haunted hotel in Northern Ireland, Mark was part of a small team of people who were filming a television documentary series about ghost stories when something incredible happened. While a medium and a psychic investigator sat on a bed in the next room and attempted to contact the spirit of a ghost in the hotel, Mark was able to record not only the medium's side of the conversation—and her report of the responses she was receiving from the spirit—but the spirit's replies directly as well! With camera's rolling, an independent television crew documented the whole process. Not only is this believed to be the first time anybody has ever managed to record a whole conversation between this world and the next, it was also a first for television.

Spirit Voices documents Mark's work in the field of paranormal forensics and details the technology and methods he developed to achieve such ground-breaking results. 

About the Author:

Mark L. Cowden is a native of Oklahoma and is of Cherokee and Scots Irish decent. He has been studying paranormal accounts in the UK and Ireland for the last ten years and has featured in various television shows, radio programmes, books, magazines, and newspapers dealing with this subject.  He has worked as a paranormal forensics specialist for “Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts” in all ten episodes, and he has appeared on "Mistero," aired nationwide in Italy. Cowden is now working on a new American television series, which is currently in development.

Visit the author's website:

And check out the author's showreel, immediately below, for a brief clip of the incredible moment described in the book. The book trailer also appears below. 



Chapter 01 The Old Mill

Chapter 02 A Moral Dilemma

Chapter 03 The Young Boy and the Old Man

Chapter 04 Technology and EVP

Chapter 05 The Paranormal Investigation Team

Chapter 06 Richhill Castle

Chapter 07 Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts

Chapter 08 Life, After a Death Sentence

Chapter 09 The Medium and the Mic

Chapter 10 The ITC Orchestra

Chapter 11 Audio Confirmation

Chapter 12 The Conversation



Appendix: Formula for Success



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What they're saying:

"I would venture to say that while the readers interested in paranormal phenomena and psychic research will find this book interesting and enjoyable, it may very well also be one of the more important books available regarding Electronic Voice Phenomenon and the study of ghosts and the spirit realm. Indeed, if the data represents what Cowden and his associates have claimed it does, then Spirit Voices details what must be considered one of the most remarkable circumstances ever to unfold in the midst of a paranormal investigation, ever." —Micah Hanks, The Gralien Report

"Spirit Voices shows the sheer extent to which people can find themselves propelled to new levels of thought, understanding and appreciation of the mysteries of this world and beyond when they address the controversial question that each and every one of us want answering: What happens to us when we die?" —Nick Refern, Reviews of the Mysterous Kind

"[Cowden] is an expert at using audio-visual equipment, and inventive in developing technology to improve Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). He came up with the idea of the ITC Orchestra, adding a violin and cello to his set-up to act as ‘natural amplifiers’ which extended the range of his audio equipment into the infrasound and ultrasound ranges, beyond that which humans can hear. His approach, in contrast to the one adopted by many groups, is to blend the technology with a spiritual approach…He appears to have achieved promising results with his set-up…  this is a very readable account of one person’s journey in the field of paranormal investigation.” —Tom Ruffles, Society for Psychical Research


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