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The Cryptoterrestrials
A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us

by Mac Tonnies

Trade Paperback, 128 Pages, 11 Illustrations

$14.95, ISBN: 1933665467

Genre(s): UFOs

A meditation on indigenous humanoids and the aliens among us.

“If evidence for the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has failed to surface—despite decades of hard work and diligent investigations—then maybe we should consider the notion that we are looking for the answers in all the wrong places. Instead of looking up, maybe we should be looking around us. And, perhaps, even below us, too," writes Nick Redfern in the foreword to THE CRYPTOTERRESTRIALS. And that is exactly what Mac Tonnies does in this power-packed book.

About the Author:

Mac Tonnies (1975-2009) was an author and blogger whose work focused on futurology, transhumanism, and the paranormal. Tonnies grew up in Independence, Missouri. He was the author of two other books, a collection of science ? ction short stories entitled Illumined Black, and After the Martian Apocalypse, an examination of the anomalies on the surface of Mars. His popular blog was called Posthuman Blues. Tonnies died at the age of 34 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Be sure to visit Macbots, the Mac Tonnies celebration/memorial art/writing/general creativity site.

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A short film by Paul Kimball


Book illustrations by Mike Clelland

Selected as one of the “Top Paranormal Books of 2010” by

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Editor’s Note 

Foreword by Nick Redfern 

Chapter 1: Looking for Aliens 

Chapter 2: Misdirection 

Chapter 3: UFOs and Extraterrestrials 

Chapter 4: The Abduction Epidemic 

Chapter 5: Encounter with a Flower 

Chapter 6: Curious Bystanders 

Chapter 7: The Superspectrum 

Chapter 8: Water World 

Chapter 9: Underground 

Chapter 10: Among Us 

Chapter 11: Final Thoughts 

Afterword by Greg Bishop 



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What they're saying:

The Cryptoterrestrials is the most refreshing speculation on the paranormal I've seen in ages. The ideas in this book will be harvested by science-fiction writers and TV shows like Fringe for decades. Even skeptics will have a great time reading this well written book of wild conjecture. Mac Tonnies' final Fortean landmark is the Book of the Damned for the 21st century. Fans of the paranormal: be there or be square.” — John Shirley, author of Bleak History 

“This book is an honest pursuit of ideas that might lead to some greater understanding of the paranormal and the existence of an apparent non-human intelligence…Mac Tonnies cuts through much of the self-satisfied, bloated fundamentalist fat of the last 50 years with the deft touch of a surgeon and the encyclopedic knowledge of a veteran.” — From the Afterword by Greg Bishop, author of Project Beta  

 “The Cryptoterrestrials is written in a succinct and engaging style condensing an immense amount of research… It is also beautifully illustrated and nicely presented…[The] UFO phenomenon smacks of deception and manipulation but not of a paranoid conspiracy theory type but of something of a totally different order. The question that needs to be asked is whether these beings could actually be another race sharing the planet with us and for some reason need us to perceive them as extra-terrestrial. Tonnies thesis is impressive and challenging…” — Living Traditions Magazine


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