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The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates

by Loren Coleman & Patrick Huyghe

Trade Paperback, 224 Pages, 60 Illustrations

$16.95, ISBN: 1933665122

Genre(s): Cryptozoology

The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates is a comprehensive study of the astonishing variety of puzzling primates that are being reported by eyewitnesses around the world  but that science has failed to recognize. This fully illustrated volume not only contains the references, range maps, and typical footprints that appeared in the first edition, but it also contains a new, complete index and new preface that updates the discoveries made since this book was first published.

About the Author:

Loren Coleman is the world's most popular living cryptozoologist. He appears frequently on television and radio, and has even been turned into a fictional character in novels and comic books. He is the author of more than two dozen books, including Bigfoot!; Mysterious America; and Cryptozoology A to Z (with Jerome Clark). His fieldwork has taken him from Scotland's Loch Ness to the rainforests of Mexico, from the Everglades to the Pacific Northwest's Bigfoot country. He lives in Portland, Maine, and is director of the International Cryptozoology Museum there.

Patrick Huyghe was a freelance science journalist for more than two decades. During this time he wrote articles for such publications as the New York Times, Science Digest, Newsweek, and Omni. Today he is the editor of Anomalist Books

Illustrated by Harry Trumbore

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From the Preface to the New Edition:


We were not afraid to look at old data in legends and folklore, as well as some contemporary sightings along the same vein, and some skeptics took us to task for that also. In discussing the field worthiness of the drawings and range maps in this field guide, Benjamin Radford, the managing editor of the Skeptical Inquirer, jokingly suggested that researchers take along our field guide while doing fieldwork in Denmark looking for Grendel. Ha, ha. 

But maybe the joke is on Radford as hominologists and cryptozoologists have done just that. In one widely noted instance dating to the spring of 1999, Bobbie Short, a respected California Bigfoot researcher, brought along our field guide to question native peoples in the Philippines. Islanders closely examined the illustrations in our guide when sign language failed. From this fieldwork, for the first time, Short obtained accurate composites of the Kapre, Waray-Waray, and Orang-Pendek (Oceania: Proto-Pygmy).

This field guide also proved useful to the February and March 2001 CryptoSafari expedition consisting of William Gibbons, John Kirk, Robert A. Mullin, and Scott T. Norman, who had gone to southern Cameroon, near the village of Moloundou, bordering the Congo, looking for evidence of Mokele-mbembe (e.g. an aquatic cryptid). Assisted by Pastor Phil Anderton, local tracker Pierre Sima, and ten Baka pygmy guides and porters, the expedition ventured deep into the rainforest.

During a break in their trek, the pygmies told of the existence of a fierce creature they had tracked through the forest for seven consecutive days in January 2001. Sima and the pygmies saw a three-foot-tall creature and discovered its three-toed, humanlike footprints on the forest floor. The Cameroon locals identified what they had seen as looking like the illustration of the creature on page 107 of this field guide-the Kalanoro, a small aggressive hairy hominoid said to live on Madagascar. When shown these depictions, the Baku eyewitnesses instantly identified the animal they call the Doudo or Dodu.



    Fielding the Storm    

    Field Worthy    


    New Primate Discoveries    

    The Hunt for Unknown Hominoids   


    A Family Matter    

    All Together Now    

    The Lumping Problem    

    Abominable Rosters    

    A New Classification System    

        1. Neo Giant    

        2. True Giant    

        3. Marked Hominid    

        4. Neandertaloid    

        5. Erectus Hominid    

        6. Proto Pygmy    

        7. Unknown Pongid    

        8. Giant Monkey    

        9. Merbeing    








    Science and the Sasquatch    

    All the Evidence    

    Blunders, Hoaxes, and Hairy People    

    Cultural Transformations    

    Hiding in Plain Sight    

    New Primates    

    Best Bets    

    If You Should See One    





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This ebook is also available for Kobo eReaders, for the Nook in the UK, and for the Kindle, iPad, and iPhone in many countries around the world.

What they're saying:

"The thousands of worldwide sightings of unclassified bipedal primates, including the Yeti, may be confusing because these sightings entail more than one species. This field guide attempts to sort out the different creatures, coming up with a classification of eight possible mystery primates. But this book makes no real attempt to persuade skeptics of the existence of any of them.  It's sort of speculative taxonomy, but I think it is one of the most useful texts in the ongoing controversy over Bigfoot." — Kevin Kelly, Whole Earth Review

"If only one of these creatures is verified by naturalists, it would be a biological sensation...The book is well-researched with a good bibliography." — William Corliss, Science Frontiers

"...a remarkable acheivement...It is a bold attempt to bring some order to a world-wide mystery, and will stand as a seminal work in years to come." — Bufo Calvin's Weird World

" intellient, absorbing overview, taking material that is certainly controversial--and, to some downright outlandish--and making surprising sense of it." — Jerome Clark, author of Unexplained!

"A very useful resource book describing the many unknown primate-like animals scattered to the four corners of the globe." — Fortean Times

"...this book gives excellent drawings based on eyewitness descriptions of a wide variety of hairy humanoids from all continents." — Magonia

". . . a new kind of wildlife-viewing experience . . .  the book addresses a gaping hole in the field of primatology." — Joe Bob Report


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