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The Secret Art
A Short History of Radionics for the Creative Individual

by Duncan Laurie

Trade Paperback, 212 Pages, 89 Illustrations

$19.95, ISBN: 1933665424

Genre(s): Paranormal Psychic Abilities

The history of radionics is the story of how various inventors designed devices that employ directed intent to affect the real world. With these tools, they promoted healing without pills or surgery, grew crops without fertilizer, restrained insect predation without pesticides, and performed a host of other seemingly impossible feats that defy mechanistic science. 

THE SECRET ART: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual traces this astonishing process beginning with early art designs suggestive of radionic intent. For many prehistoric and indigenous peoples, art was also a means of interacting with Nature to enhance healing, increase crop yields, and enable visionary experiences. Coincidentally, radionic inventors discovered by trial and error that even drawings and bizarre technology could function radionically. This discovery followed a long process of design innovation that started with mechanical devices, proceeded through a generation of electronic instruments, and most recently has been applied to computer and software technology. Conceivably, the theory and techniques outlined in this book could provide artists with a revolutionary approach to the creative process that is at once both new and timeless. A potential exists today for radionic ideas to empower creative individuals to develop skills in working with Nature that achieve profound real world results. 

About the Author:

DUNCAN LAURIE has undergraduate and graduate degrees in art from the University of Pennsylvania. From the mid 1970s to the early 2000s he produced architectural glass design commissions for a wide variety of individuals and businesses while living in New York City and Jamestown, Rhode Island. His clients include Blackrock Financial Management, 9 West, Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy, Citicorp Executive Center, Anne Klein II, Electra Records, Estée Lauder, Readers Digest Fund, Lincoln Square N.Y.C., Sky Tokyo, United Overseas Bank Singapore, Lane Crawford Stores, Ratheon Corporation, Capital Cities ABC, and many other individuals and companies throughout the world. In 1980 the late Richard J. Reynolds III introduced Laurie to the world of alternative technology and inventors. Thus began a learning curve whereby the world of art and subtle energy technology slowly began to reveal their commonalities of function and purpose. Visit his website.


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01 Ancient Radionics

02 Defining Radionics in Art

03 The Origins of Radionics in Dowsing

04 Science and Scientism  

05 The Divided Legacy of Medicine  

06 The Father of Radionics

07 The Oscilloclast 

08 Inside Dr. Abrams’ Clinic 

09 Psychical Physics  

10 From Agricultural Radionics to Prehistoric Art

11 Prana, Kundalini, and Occult Technology 

12 Radionics: Occult or Electronic? 

13 Ruth Drown  

14 Profiles in British Radionics   

15 George and Majorie De La Warr

16 T. Galen Hieronymus 

17 Radionics Meets Popular Culture 

18 Agricultural Radionics Today 

19 Radionic Photography Today 

20 From Computerized Radionics to Radionics Without Devices 

21 Radionic/Art Overlay: A Personal Note   




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