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The Tujunga Canyon Contacts

by Ann Druffel & D. Scott Rogo

Trade Paperback, 352 Pages, 29 Illustrations

$19.95, ISBN: 1933665335

Genre(s): UFOs

THE TUJUNGA CANYON CONTACTS tells the true stories of five young women “abductees” who lived in and near Tujunga Canyon, northeast of Los Angeles, and who were all linked by more or less intimate personal relationships. The abductions and related events, which took place over a period of more than two decades, were first investigated by UFO researcher Ann Druffel for five full years, and later by Druffel and parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo together. Many of the abduction details first revealed in the Tujunga Canyon case have been confirmed in the hundreds of cases that followed it. 

First published during the peak of the 20th century’s UFO abduction epidemic, THE TUJUNGA CANYON CONTACTS was only the second book written about so-called “alien abductions.” This edition of the classic work contains the two new chapters prepared for the updated version of the book. During this updating of the story, Druffel first realized that abduction scenarios can be fended off by strongwilled, confident experiencers, since three of the five young women intuitively discovered, and used, various “resistance techniques” to fend off, and eventually end, the harrowing attacks.  

About the Author:

Ann Druffel’s interest in the UFO phenomenon dates back to 1945, when, as a schoolgirl, she viewed a bright yellowish object over Long Beach, California. In 1957 she became one of the first investigators for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena and remained with that organization until its demise in 1973. Since then she has been an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network and other scientifically minded organizations. She has written more than 200 articles in UFO journals and is the author of six books on UFOs and other paranormal subjects, including How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction, and Firestorm! Dr. James E. McDonald’s Fight For UFO Science

D. Scott Rogo was one of the most widely respected writer-journalists covering the field of parapsychology, as well as an active scientific investigator. He published papers in refereed parapsychological journals and was active in field investigations of hauntings and poltergeist activity. Rogo was also a leading authority on the history of psychical research. In the course of more than twodozen published books, including The Haunted Universe, Rogo sought to broaden the range of topics worthy of paranormal research.



    Introductory Note  vii

    Preface    ix


Part 1: The Report

    The Beginning   3

     1. Sara's Story  6


Part II: The Investigation

    2. The First Regression  15

    3. Aftermath to an Abduction  33

    4. The Second Regression  42

    5. The Ridge Route Mystery  65

    6. The First Contagion   79

    7. Experiments with Jan Whitley  98

    8. The Mystery of the "Cancer Cure"  118

    9. Further Experiments with Jan Whitley 135

    10. The Tujunga UFO Milieu  148


Part III: A Further Contagion

    11. A Surprise Witness  165

    12. Lori's Abduction  176

    13. More Pieces of the Puzzle  195

    Epilogue   208


Part IV: Conclusions

    The Tujunga Milieu: Some Tentative

    Conclusions by Ann Druffel   213

    An Interpretation of the Shaw-Whitley 

    Case by D. Scott Rogo    233

    Some Personal Conclusions by Sara Shaw   254


Part V: Update 1988

    The Tujunga Canyon Witnesses:

    1980--1988 by Ann Druffel  259

    Current Research on UFO Abductions:

    1978-1988 by D. Scott Rogo    291


    Appendix: A Comparison Between the 

    Sara Shaw and the Betty Andreasson 

    Cases  322

    Picture Section   327

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What they're saying:

"A multiple witness UFO abduction...Ann Druffel: wow. research techniques, writings style, top shelf. She is amazing...It's a great read. I would give it a 5 our of 5 discs for content..." — Christine Scott, UFO Talker

"Whatever your attitude towards the alien abduction scenario (literal truth or hypnosis hooey?), The Tujunga Canyon Contacts is a seminal must-read for anyone interested in the subject...The particular value of this book is that alien abductions were still new on the scene when [Ann Druffel and Scott Rogo] carried out their research, which means the experiencers would not have been contaminated by all the abduction scenarios that have since become so familiar..." – Paranormal Magazine

"Looking back over the early reports of alien abduction from time to time also allows us to glimpse elements of the phenomenon with a degree of clarity and un-obfuscated detail. Such is the case with Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo’s modern classic, The Tujunga Canyon Contacts... [in which] the reader is taken along on a wild, probing encounter with what is arguably one of the earliest reported abduction encounters with the 'gray aliens' of popular lore...Altogether, the surreal, lucid-dreamlike quality that these encounters bring to the study of alien abduction make for an intense, sometimes frightening read, but not at all in a conventional way. If anything, the precedent set by Druffel and Rogo in this modern classic among abduction reports makes other literature regarding the phenomenon pale in comparison. Even three decades after its publication, The Tujunga Canyon Contacts raises the bar as to where and how proper scientific study of alien abduction can—and no doubt should—continue, and it stands alone as one of the finest texts to ever delve into the subject at length."  – Micah A. Hanks, The Gralien Report

"The Tujunga Canyon Contacts centers upon the experiences of two young women abductees whose UFO encounters began in 1953 in their Tujunga Canyon, California, cabin; and these were followed by repeated, related events involving three additional women, all of whom were interviewed and studied over many years by Ann Druffel and, later, also with Scott Rogo… [These two authors] ask all the questions that are usually thought of — and many more. They do not eschew the several, often taboo, areas. For example, psychopathological factors as well as various and sometimes omitted, or unintentionally minimized, medical data are discussed. These scholars have done their homework… There are no minced words… The authors are to be commended for presenting their data in a highly readable, responsible narrative. They tactfully interweave the often disparate lives of the five women in proper chronology, which subdues an otherwise nearly unfathomable, circuitous complexity: the type of situation that scares away many other investigators… This sensitively written documentation probes the deeper recesses of the mind, and human-UFO experiences… Great Work!” – Dr. Berthold Schwarz, The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, April 2010


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