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The Unidentified & Creatures of the Outer Edge

by Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman

Trade Paperback, 516 Pages

$24.95, ISBN: 1933665114

Genre(s): UFOs Cryptozoology

Back in print for the first time in decades!

The Unidentified and Creatures of the Outer Edge, the classic early works of Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman, now in a special double edition with a new introduction by the authors.

The Unidentified finds the links that connect supernatural folklore, religious visions, cryptozoology, and modern-day UFO stories. It documents episodes from the fringes of human experience and exposes what they may tell us about ourselves and the strange world we live in, where things - whether fairies, ghosts, divine apparitions, or ostensible extraterrestrials - may be even more mysterious than they seem.

Creatures of the Outer Edge surveys the cryptozoologically bountiful decade of the 1970s (and more) with accounts of Mothman, Owlmen, Thunderbirds, Phantom Panthers, Devil Dogs, Texas Big Birds, and, yes, of course, Bigfoot. Some of the individually "named" local Bigfoot creatures first appeared in this book, including Momo (Missouri Monster), Lake Worth Monster, Murphysboro Mud Monster, the Enfield Thing, El Reno Chicken Man, Noxie Monster, Navajo's Skinwalkers, and Yukon's Bushman. The book also introduced the now-iconic Dover Demon for the first time to the general public.

About the Author:

Jerome Clark is a longtime ufologist and anomalist, who has appeared on NBC, ABC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and A&E.  He has written nearly 20 books, including two Book of the Month Club selections and the award-winning, multi-volume The UFO Encyclopedia, as well as songs recorded by Emmylou Harris, Tom T. Hall, and other country, folk, and bluegrass artists. His most recent book is Unnatural Phenomena. He lives in southwestern Minnesota with his wife, writer and editor Helene Henderson.

Loren Coleman is the world's most popular living cryptozoologist. He appears frequently on television and radio, and has even been turned into a fictional character in novels and comic books. He is the author of more than two dozen books, including Bigfoot!; Mysterious America; andCryptozoology A to Z (with Jerome Clark). His fieldwork has taken him from Scotland's Loch Ness to the rainforests of Mexico, from the Everglades to the Pacific Northwest's Bigfoot country. He lives in Portland, Maine, and is the director of the International Cryptozoology Museum.  


Written three decades ago, The Unidentified and Creatures of the Outer Edge long ago took on lives of their own and acquired a passionate, enduring following. As the two of us look at these works today, we see a record of our youthful interests and enthusiasms. We see an original, creative approach that would prove influential - though we could not have known it at the time - in the evolving debates about anomalous and paranormal phenomena. We see lots of interesting cases and stories, many of which still intrigue and enthrall us well into our adulthoods.  

At the time we wrote these two books, we were a decade and a half into our careers as anomalists, both of us having started down this path in our young teens. In the late 1960s and 1970s we were under the added influence of counterculture currents then omnipresent, though they are barely felt in this very different era. It was, however, the counterculture that led us to the theories of the psychological philosopher Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), at least as understood by our youthful selves. To us Jung provided a framework in which ostensible anomalies and paranormal incidents could be reevaluated. We thought then that Jung's key unlocked all kinds of doors, exposing links that would connect such apparently disparate phenomena as fairylore, cryptozoological creatures, and flying-saucer contact tales. 

Soon after these books were published, our ideas and perspectives began moving on to what we believe are more intellectually sustainable interpretations...


Introduction to this Double Edition        1

Book One: The Unidentified 

An Introductory Note                      8

UFOland: Other Worlds and the Otherworld          9

Fairyland: The Magical Impulse             45

Voices from Heaven: The Religious Impulse         93

The Airships: The Technological Impulse        131

UFOs: The Mystery in the Machine            165

Paraufology: Understanding the Incomprehensible    225

Selected Bibliography                    251

A Note on UFO and Fortean Publications        261

Index                            263

Book Two: Creatures of the Outer Edge

Introduction                          11

Chapter One: Mystery Animals              15

Chapter Two: The Bigfeet                  28

Chapter Three: The Manimals              51

Chapter Four: Phantom Cats and Dogs        117

Chapter Five: Things with Wings            165

Chapter Six: Phantasms                195

Epilogue: A Year Filled with Monsters        208

Bibliography                        228

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What they're saying:

"[These] two early books...defined forteana in the late Seventies...The Unidentified had a huge influence on contemporary ufology, drawing on the fields of folklore and mysticism, history, parapsychology, cryptozoology, and forteana. Creatures of the Outer Edge did pretty much the same for cryptozoology...these two books were the vanguard of today's fortean literature. Their writing was savvy, knowledgeable and yet current... We owe a big thanks to Clark and Coleman, who barely out of their teens at the time, dared to challenge the old ufologists, crytpozoologists, parpsychologits and folklorists to break out of, as they put it, 'controversy long stalemated between  literalists (believers) and rejectionists (debunkers).' They did so with vigor and relevance and, on the way, married field research with library work while paying due tribute to Charles Fort. This is a good and handy volume to have ..Clark and Coleman were certainly one of my inspirations in the early days of Fortean Times." — Bob Rickard, Fortean Times

"It is a mark the reappearance in a single volume of two classic investigative works from the 1970s, penned in concert by renowned Fortean authors Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman, A new introduction to the omnibus edition explains that the authors have changed their minds (or, at least, their perspective) on certain subjects covered in these early volumes, but to their credit, they have left the original texts undisturbed and unredacted. They are willing to bear criticism and invite debate on subjects that are still as fresh, as mystifying, as when Clark and Coleman first set pens to paper in the Nixon years. Readers who missed these books first time around, including many who were yet unborn, now have a chance to savor ‘golden oldies’ in their pristine form.” — Michael Newton, Mysteries


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