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The Yowie
In Search of Australia's Bigfoot

by Tony Healy & Paul Cropper

7 x 10 Trade Paperback, 336 Pages, 120 Illustrations

$24.95, ISBN: 1933665165

Genre(s): Cryptozoology

During the early colonial era, Australia’s Aborigines often warned British settlers to beware of huge, ape-like creatures that lurked in the rugged mountains and deep forests of the island continent. Their people, they said, had been encountering the hairy horrors since time immemorial. They knew them by many names, including doolagarl, thoolagarl, jurrawarra, and tjangara. 

Soon the colonists, too, began to experience hair-raising encounters with the hulking, foul-smelling creatures, which they referred to as “Australian apes,” “yahoos” or “youries.” Today, they are generally referred to as yowies. The list of modern-day eyewitnesses includes zoologists, rangers, surveyors and members of the elite Special Air Service Regiment. 

This book chronicles the yowie saga from the pre-colonial era to the present day. It contains over 300 carefully documented eyewitness reports and a vast amount of other data, much of which suggests that the damnably elusive creatures really do exist. The authors also critically examine the many theories that have been put forward to explain – or explain away – Australia’s most baffling zoological mystery.  

This is the most comprehensive, authoritative work on Australia's most baffling zoological mystery. Includes a Foreword by Loren Coleman, 120 illustrations, an index, and a complete catalog of cases from 1789 to 2006.

About the Author:

PAUL CROPPER became fascinated by the yowie mystery in 1976, when he uncovered several long- forgotten eyewitness reports in colonial-era news- papers. Although then only 14 years old, he began visiting the Blue Mountains, to the west of his home in Sydney, searching for proof of the creatures’ existence. 

Canberra-based TONY HEALY, who had already become intrigued by the bigfoot/sasquatch phenomenon while working in Canada in 1969, also became involved in yowie research in the mid-1970s. 

Since 1981 they have collaborated on many projects, notably in co-authoring Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia, which contained a lengthy chapter about the elusive yowie. Over the past 30 years they have searched for lake monsters, hairy giants, out-of-place big cats and other semi-legendary animals in Fiji, North America, the Bahamas, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Nepal, Malaysia and in every state and territory of Australia. 

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The Yowie File.


Foreword by Loren Coleman 

Explanatory Notes 

Introduction: Gorillas in Our Midst 

1. Aborigines and the Yowie  

2. The Colonial Era 1788 - 1901 

3. The Early Modern Era 1901 – 1975 

4. The Modern Era 1975 – Present  

5. Littlefoot - The Junjudee 

6. Summarising the Evidence  

7. Who or What is the Yowie? 



Appendix A: A Catalogue of Cases 

Appendix B: Yowie-related Place Names 



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What they're saying:

The Yowie won the "Best Individual Cryptid Book of 2006" Award: "Tony Healy and Paul Cropper have written the most compelling book this year on one specific group of cryptids. It gathers the best historical and contemporary accounts, evidence, and theories on these less-than-fully-understood (outside of Australia) and little-recognized unknown hairy hominoids. In one fell swoop, this book may stand up for years as the one to consult about these creatures. What the co-authors did for this unknown "species" - Yowies, all - was this year unmatched in any other literary treatment in cryptozoology.The Yowie is a model of organization and completeness to be followed by future authors who wish to publish their examinations of a body of data on one cryptid." — Loren Coleman, Cryptomundo

"The Yowie is a milestone work...It is no small feat to create a classic and thorough reference book that is easily readable by both the everyday person and the hardcore researcher but this is what Healy and Cropper have done..." — Craig Heinselman, Crypto

"At last! ... The Yowie – In Search Of Australia’s Bigfoot, the book that Tony Healy and Paul Cropper have been working on for the past seven years. It was worth the wait: this book is far and away the best thing ever written about the yowie mystery. It is destined to become an instant cryptozoological classic..." — Cass, Dean Harrison's Australian Yowie Research

"...perhaps the best survey to date of the Yowie mystery." — Daniel Perez, Bigfoot Times


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