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There's Something In the Woods
A Transatlantic Hunt for Monsters and the Mysterious

by Nick Redfern

Trade Paperback, 180 Pages, 26 Illustrations

$15.95, ISBN: 1933665327

Genre(s): Cryptozoology

Bigfoot? Check.
Phantom black dogs? Check.
Werewolves? Check.
Giant mystery birds? They’re here, too.

Toss in some haunted woods, spooky cemeteries, crop circles, and crashed UFOs and you’ve got Nick Redfern’s latest road trip across two continents for all things cryptozoological or otherwise mysterious. This is the third in a series of excursions into the occult fringe for the indefatigable Redfern.

It all started with Three Men Seeking Monsters, which Booklist called “lively and entertaining,” and was followed by Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, which his colleagues have called “wild and wooly” and “fascinating.” Now, in this latest volume, Redfern defies all the laws of self-preservation and offers himself as bait in the face of the unknown – to learn, if indeed, There’s Something in the Woods.

About the Author:

Nick Redfern is the author of many books on the paranormal, including On the Trail of the Saucer Spies, Strange Secrets, and Body Snatchers in the Desert. He is a regular contributor to numerous publications, including Fortean Times, Fate, UFO Magazine, Alien Worlds, and the British newspaper, Daily Express. Redfern lives in Dallas, Texas, and can be contacted at his website: And keep up with monster news at Nick Redfern's "There's Something in the Woods" blog.


Preface  ix

Introduction  1

Chapter 1 The Monster Quest Begins Again  3

Chapter 2 The Devil-Monkey 13

Chapter 3 Running Around in Circles 23

Chapter 4 The Monster Archives  34

Chapter 5 The Lord of the Manor 43

Chapter 6 Confessions of a Crop Circle Maker  48

Chapter 7 Creatures of the Crop 56

Chapter 8 Terror in the Trailer   64

Chapter 9 The Wolf-Man of Paradise 68

Chapter 10 The Hexham Horror 75

Chapter 11 Winged Terrors 79

Chapter 12 Beasts of the Sky  84

Chapter 13 Big Thicket Mysteries 89

Chapter 14 The Dark Men of the Woods  96

Chapter 15 The Monster of the Cemetery 104

Chapter 16 Giants and Sprites of the Hairy Kind 110

Chapter 17 The Rise of the Black Dogs 115

Chapter 18 Invasion of the Insects 123

Chapter 19 Bigfoot, Bridges, and Beasts of the Board  130

Epilogue 135

Photo Gallery 137

Acknowledgments 153

References 154

Index 162

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What they're saying:

“Part of Something’s appeal is its can-you-top-this quality...[accounts] from persons who, to all appearances of sound mind and unforked tongue, speak of encounters with a range of incredibly peculiar creatures…everything from phantom peacocks to giant snakes with feet to flying humanoids to living pteranodons… certainly makes for entertaining reading, while occasioning at times some deeper refections on the reader’s part...I doubt firmly that the sorts of esoteric beasts Redfern’s witnesses describe exist as hidden, uncatalogued wildlife alongside us in consensus reality, but they are present in some shadowy approximation, to be encountered in profoundly anomalous states of consciousness. In frustrating truth, the answers that we who are open to such things seek are well beyond current knowledge. In the meantime, ridicule is a very poor substitute for understanding.”— Jerome Clark, Fate Magazine

"Many book reviews give details of exactly what the book contains, but I think that would spoil the enjoyment of reading it. Suffice it to say that if you’re a fan of Nick Redfern, which I most definitely am, you will want to read this book right through to the end without putting it down. I loved this book..." — Kithra, Women Of Esoterica


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