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Consulting Spirit
A Doctor's Experience with Practical Mediumship

by Dr. Ian Rubenstein

Trade Paperback, 280 Pages

$18.95, ISBN: 1933665556

Genre(s): Psychic Abilities

A True Story of Synchronicity in Medicine

One morning during a busy clinic my dead grandfather dropped in for a chat...

This sent me off on a journey: a mad dash through territory populated by mediums, psychics, poltergeists, and ghosthunters. Along the way I met some fascinating and often strange people.

Let me take you with me as I travel through the hinterland of what we touchingly call reality. I'll introduce you to some of the people and beings I met on my journey. You'll get the inside story, the nuts and bolts of how someone like me can train to become a medium. 


About the Author:

Dr. Ian D. Rubenstein is a U.K. doctor who works in Enfield, North London. Since training as a medium, he has attempted to use the mediumistic skills he has learned in his medical work as a primary care physician. For more information about Dr. Rubenstein and his book, visit his website:

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First Review!  A Medical Medium @ Paranormalia


Chapter 1: Like a Man on the Edge of a Cliff...1

Chapter 2: What Do You Do with All That Blue?...7

Chapter 3: The Stolen Key...11 

Chapter 4: They Obviously Want to Work with You...19

Chapter 5: I’ve Got an Alien Living in My Apartment...27

Chapter 6: Personal Evidence...31

Chapter 7: More Encompassing than God...43

Chapter 8: Magic Circle...53

Chapter 9: Contact...59

Chapter 10: Spooks’ Hall...67

Chapter 11: Opening Up....79

Chapter 12: My Spirit Guide Went Off to Work in Manchester...85

Chapter 13: The Quiet Mind...93

Chapter 14: Idiot Child!...101

Chapter 15: Enter the Guides...105

Chapter 16: Any Friend of Lara Croft is a Friend of Mine...113

Chapter 17: Don’t I Know Your Father?...121

Chapter 18: Getting Physical...127

Chapter 19: Suburban Shaman...133

Chapter 20: Some Subtle Property of Light...141

Chapter 21: Ghost Hunter...147

Chapter 22: Fellow Traveler...155

Chapter 23: Fledglings....161

Chapter 24: Hard Work....169

Chapter 25: Don’t Feed the Medium...177

Chapter 26: Spreading Our Wings...183

Chapter 27: Rough Guide...195

Chapter 28: On the Circuit...201

Chapter 29: A Measure of Control...213

Chapter 30: One Winter’s Night...217

Chapter 31: East Enders...227

Chapter 32: Under the Sign of Cancer...235

Chapter 33: A Little Bird Told Me...241

Chapter 34: Survivor...247

Chapter 35: The Secret...255

Chapter 36: A Natural Break....263 



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What they're saying:

Consulting Spirit tells a fascinating story about a self-described ‘skeptical physician’ who found himself becoming a medium. Dr. Ian D. Rubenstein, the author, put his newly discovered skills to practical use in his practice of medicine, and this is what makes the book unique. Dr. Rubenstein found a way to make contact ‘with the realm of Spirit,’ and provides a path for ‘practical mediumship’ that his readers will find absorbing and provocative.” — Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author, Demystifying Shamans and Their World

“A remarkable story, told with good humor and an engaging touch of bewilderment at the workings of the ‘spirit world’ into which the author found himself unwittingly plunged. Despite his light-hearted approach, he has a serious message to convey—that, as he puts it, ‘somewhere along the way, modern medicine has missed a trick or two.’ I found the book as instructive as it was enjoyable, and cannot recommend it too highly.” — Guy Lyon Playfair, author of The Indefinite Boundary

“Ian Rubenstein is an ideal narrator as he takes us through his own personal story of exploring the paranormal, which he tells in a warm and informal way. He is infectiously curious, albeit a skeptic and a doctor who readily admits he does not know the answers but is keen to find them out. His lesson to us all? Keep an open mind." — Sarah Hartley, Mail on Sunday

"I found [Ian Rubenstein's] detailed descriptions of the inner process [of mediumship] quite useful. I also resonated with the way the author dealt with his new experiences. The tone is well judged: he is properly sceptical, in the sense of examining and questioning them, but he doesn't let this get in the way of his curiosity. He doesn't panic or try to suppress his intuitions. Nor does he agonise about what people might think when he develops his mediumship. He just gets on with it. In fact it surprised me how enthusiastically he embraced his new calling, while continuing his professional work...The book is breezy like a novel, written largely in dialogue, which makes it an easy and entertaining read. As I say, it's informative about the process of becoming a medium, and I really recommend it. But more than that, it's also an important book. Rubenstein has shown how it is possible for an ordinary non-psychic member of society, someone who in his professional work is embedded in rationalist thinking, not merely to adjust to psychic intuition when it arrives unbidden, but to learn how to use it for the benefit of others." — Robert McLuhan, Paranormalia

" ...this is an extremely readable book.  Its author comes across as completely honest, with no position to defend, but taking the reader where he sees the evidence leading him.  As a person he seems very nice, sociable, and much more open about himself with patients than the doctors I have come across. There is a sense that his willingness to try new things provides a flexibility which can assist him to integrate his spiritual life into his everyday one more easily than would be the case with a person more mentally rigid...Those willing to entertain the possibility that something really is going on here will find Consulting Spirit (a great punning title) an unusual but very useful case study."— Tom Ruffles, Society for Psychical Research

"To me, books like this are in some ways more valuable than scientific studies involving control groups, double-blind test conditions, and statistical analysis. I'm not sure that any amount of laboratory data will persuade people of the reality of mediumship, but a sober, common-sense account like Dr. Rubenstein's may succeed where tables, charts, and graphs are likely to fail. Reading his story, I couldn't help feeling that if I were in his shoes, I would have had many of the same questions and considered many of the same non-paranormal explanations. Nothing in his book struck me as exaggerated or embellished; if anything, the author's tendency seems to be to play down the more dramatic elements of his story.
His sense of humor keeps him–and the reader–firmly grounded, no matter how apparently outlandish some of the developments in his narrative may seem...Rubenstein presents an array of supernatural phenomena in a calm, sober voice, laced with humor and occasional self-doubt. I found his story very appealing, and I think you will too."—Michael Prescott, Michael Prescott's Blog


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