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Reflections of a UFO Investigator

by Kevin Randle

Trade Paperback, 270 Pages, 70 Illustrations

$17.95, ISBN: 1933665564

Genre(s): UFOs

This is the journey begun by a teenager who had a question about a UFO sighting.

This is the story of that boy who became a UFO investigator and used every opportunity he had to investigate cases throughout the United States.

This is a report on investigations as diverse as the Carroll Wayne Watts contact case and the Roswell UFO crash.

This is a history of UFO research from the mid-1960s until today, told by someone who was there and who saw much of it himself.

This is the account of a researcher who fought to let the facts speak for themselves in the midst of heated arguments within the UFO community

This is the memoir of an adult who found a few answers to the UFO mystery but in the process came face to face with dozens of new questions.


About the Author:

KEVIN D. RANDLE is a retired military officer who served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot and in Iraq as an intelligence officer. He has been investigating UFOs for more than 40 years and has traveled throughout the U.S. on his quest to learn the truth. He has written more than 20 books on UFOs, has interviewed hundreds of people about their experiences, and has lectured throughout the country about one of the most puzzling phenomenon in our times.

Excerpt from Chapter 4: The University Years

In a newsletter sent to various Air Force functions around the world, it was announced that the Blue Book files were housed at Maxwell Air Force Base and anyone who got there could take a look at them. All you had to know was where they were and that they had been declassified...

So just after the new year began and while still on break from the university, I set out for Alabama with my friend and colleague at the time, Robert Charles Cornett, and a letter of introduction from the AFROTC detachment commander so that we might use the facilities on the base.

Cornett was a strange man. He had entered the university with the idea of majoring in Russian and physics, two of the most difficult fields. He quickly decided that this wasn’t for him and began to look at his other passion, writing. Together we would write a number of action adventure books, science fiction novels, and magazine articles. This was our first joint venture.

We arrived at the archive at about eight in the morning, found our way to the desk where we could make our requests, and ran into the first roadblock. They weren’t inclined to help us. They didn’t want us looking at the files. They didn’t want us on their Air Force base. And they were unimpressed with our letter of introduction or the fact that we were in the AFROTC. They couldn’t have been more unpleasant.

But then a fellow, identified as “Mr. Smith” from Washington, showed up and talked to us. He looked at our letter of introduction, asked us a few questions, and told us to “wait here.”

Twenty minutes later he was back, said nothing to us, didn’t even acknowledge our presence, but told the staff at the archives, “Give these guys whatever they want.”

I don’t know who this man was, what his role at the archives might have been, or if he really was from Washington. All I know is that those behind the desk then told us how things worked, that the copy machines were few and far between, and that we could use any of the vacant study rooms, but if anyone in the “real” Air Force needed the room, then we had to surrender it. Since there didn’t seem to be an overflow crowd, we just nodded. In all the days we were there, I don’t remember ever seeing anyone else using the study rooms.

So now we had to come up with something. We didn’t know what was in the files or how the system worked. I remembered a couple of cases and asked for the files on those. One of them was the Kinross disappearance, which involved a jet fighter and a UFO. The fighter had disappeared during the intercept attempt...

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What they're saying:

"From a high school boy reading UFO books in study hall to a tireless investigator searching for some glimpse of the true reality behind the greatest phenomenon of our time, Kevin Randle shares every foot of the path he has trod as a UFO investigator. From abductions to contactees, Randle tells it the way he sees it. Known to many as one of the researchers who made us reconsider the story of the UFO crash at Roswell, I found the chapters recreating his painstaking examination of the evidence for that controversial case particularly interesting. The Willingham investigation will serve as a caution to investigators who may make their conclusions too rapidly. If a case is too good to be true, it may well be just that...too good to be true. Randle presents us with the balanced casebook of a top investigator of the UFO enigma." —Brad Steiger


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