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The Beast of Boggy Creek
The True Story of the Fouke Monster

by Lyle Blackburn

Trade Paperback, 258 Pages, 54 Illustrations

$17.95, ISBN: 1933665572

Genre(s): Cryptozoology

For more than a century, reports of a strange beast known as the Fouke Monster have circulated among the locals in southern Arkansas. Described as a large, hairy man-like creature, it’s said to haunt the vast Sulphur River Bottoms as it travels the secluded waterway known as Boggy Creek.

Over the years, the creature has been seen by numerous witnesses including respected citizens, experienced hunters, famous musicians, and even a police officer. The encounters were often so shocking, they served as inspiration for the classic horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek, by Charles B. Pierce.

Tales of the creature have long existed in scattered pieces across news clippings, memoirs, police reports, and movies, but it is only now that the complete history of the Fouke Monster has been assembled in one place. This book collects all the facts, theories, and amazing sighting reports, and weaves them into a fascinating tale about this undeniable southern mystery, one that lives on, as frightening encounters with the Beast of Boggy Creek are still being reported today!


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Bigfoot Times has included The Best of Boggy Creek in their selection of Best Bigfoot Books to date.

About the Author:

Growing up in Texas, LYLE BLACKBURN became fascinated with the legends, lore, and sighting reports of alleged real-life monsters. He is a frequent contributor and cryptozoology advisor to Rue Morgue magazine, one of the leading horror media publications in print today. He is also the founder and frontman for the rock band Ghoultown. Over the last decade, Ghoultown has released six albums, toured extensively in both the U.S. and Europe, and has appeared on several horror movie soundtracks. Lyle currently lives near Dallas, Texas, where he enjoys a day off now and then. His second book is Liazrd Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster.

For more information, visit the following websites: 

Author's Website

Fouke Monster



Foreword by Loren Coleman

Illustrations by Dan Brereton


1. Setting the Stage
The Quiet Before the Storm
The Natural State
The Arkansas Wild Man
Manimal Conjecture

2. Fouke Lore
Birth of a Monster
It Walks Among Us
Media Mayhem
Bounty on the Beast
Don’t Blink
Sabbath Outpost

3. Jonesville Monster
The Haunting Begins
A Change of Fate
Others Come Forth
The Strange Runner

4. From Swamp To Big Screen
Enter: Charles B. Pierce
The Legend of Boggy Creek
Four-Wall Phenomenon
The Aftermath
Creature From Black Lake
Lasting Influence

5. It’s Still Out There
Legacy Makers and Caretakers  
Return To Boggy Creek  
The Night Walker  
Boggy Creek II  
Shine On, You Crazy Monster

6. Bones and Shadows
A Glimpse Behind the Curtain  
Strange Remains  
Skeleton in the Closet  
The Hunt For Bigfoot  
Monsters By Moonlight  
Swamp Stalker

7. A Question of Theories
Man-Made Man-Apes  
Blame the Train  
Moonshine Master Plan  
There’s a Panther Under the House  
Sundown Town  
Hidden Hominoid 

8. The Burden of Proof
Land of the Southern Sasquatch  
Diminishing Domain  
Trouble with Three Toes  
Modern Trail of Mythic Creatures

9. The Legend Lives On
Legacy At Large  


Stranger Than Fiction Reel to Real
Chronicle of Sightings Near Fouke

Online Articles


About the Author 




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What they're saying:

"Best Cryptozoology Book of the Year," 2012, Loren Coleman, Cryptomundo

"Not only is the cover of the book well done, but the content is some of the best factual documentation on the Fouke Monster I have ever seen...Lyle Blackburn has done some real research for this book rather than rely on others...I highly recommend this book." — Daniel Perez, Bigfoot Times

"Take a shot of monstrous menace, add to it a high degree of abominable intrigue, and top it all off with a dose of near-Lovecraftian-style terror, and you have Lyle Blackburn's The Beast of Boggy Creek. Destined to become a cryptozoological classic!"
— Nick Redfern, author of Monster Diary and There's Something in the Woods

"For too long, the story of the Fouke Monster has been mired in a murky morass where the distinction between legend, reality, and cult movies blur together. In this fantastic tome, Lyle Blackburn deftly wades through the boggy bayous to chronicle the strange but true history of the greatest monster legend of the American South. An extremely enjoyable and spooky ride, this book will make you wonder if a monstrous man-beast might indeed be watching you from the shadowy confines of the bottomlands."
— Sean Whitley, director of Southern Fried Bigfoot

"Like many, I was inspired as a child by watching Legend of Boggy Creek. It is the main reason I am an anthropologist today! This book brought back all those memories of watching the movie as a child and being fascinated with the beast that always follows the creeks. This is a must have for all movie fans, history buffs, and bigfooters!"
— Kathy Moskowitz, author of Giants, Cannibals and Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture

"Amazingly researched and absolutely gripping, The Beast of Boggy Creek is a vital look at a true southern legend."
— Dave Alexander, editor of Rue Morgue magazine

"A coherent, thorough and entertaining yarn about the Fouke Monster...Part of his [Blackburn's] complete portrait includes exploring Fouke culture and the genesis of monster stories that sprang up in the area...Blackburn employs his descriptive powers to set the scene and give readers an idea of the local landscape. Reading his descriptions, it's easy to see why people may believe they see extraordinary things, whether real or imagined, down in the woods." — Aaron Brand, "A monster of a story," Texarkana Gazette


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