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A Carnival of Cryptozoology and Unnatural History

by Karl Shuker

Trade Paperback, 194 Pages, 47 Illustrations

$18.95, ISBN: 9781938398056

Genre(s): Cryptozoology

Welcome to a carnival unlike anything that you have ever read about, visited, or even imagined before. Here, before your very eyes, you will encounter bizarre, anomalous creatures of every conceivable (and inconceivable!) kind--a veritable menagerie of cryptozoological mysteries to dazzle and delight, tantalize and terrify. For this is Mirabilis--a realm of marvels, wonders, miracles...and monsters!

Peer through the shadows and see what you may. Was that scuttling horror a spider the size of a puppy? Did that fallen tree trunk suddenly sprout a pair of alligator jaws? Was that a living toad that leapt out of that split-asunder block of stone? Did those flowers abruptly put forth wings and fly away as tiny birds?

Behold Trunko, the hairy marine elephant-bear that supposedly battled whales off the coast of South Africa almost a century ago. Look around in every direction and witness the very last giant lemurs brought to you from the rainforests of Madagascar, the very same unicorn that was once encountered by Julius Caesar, dinosaur-sized crocodiles from the swamps of the Congo, the elephantine harpoon-tusked sukotyro of Sumatra, gargantuan prehistoric beavers resurrected in modern-day North America, illusive Germanic horned hares and elusive Liberian micro-squirrels, a giant sea snail with antlers and paws from the Sarmatian Sea and a veritable whale-fish from a forgotten Swedish lake, a vanished striped mystery steed from Iberia, enormous toothless freshwater sharks from South America, flying turtles from China and a hippoturtleox from Tibet, sea dragons and pseudo-pterodactyls, and the world's only known tusked megalopedus.

Let us not tarry even a moment longer. The miracles and marvels of Mirabilis await you. 

About the Author:

Born and still living in the West Midlands, England, Karl P.N. Shuker graduated from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in pure zoology, and from the University of Birmingham with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in zoology and comparative physiology. He now works full-time as a freelance zoological consultant to the media, and as a prolific published writer.

Shuker is currently the author of 19 books and hundreds of articles, principally on animal-related subjects, with an especial interest in cryptozoology and animal mythology, on which he is an internationally recognized authority, but also including a poetry volume. In addition, he has acted as consultant for several major multi-contributor volumes as well as for the world-renowned Guinness Book of Records/Guinness World Records (he is currently its Senior Consultant for its Life Sciences section); and he has compiled questions for the BBC’s long-running cerebral quiz Mastermind. He is also the editor of the Journal of Cryptozoology, the world’s only existing peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to mystery animals.

Shuker has travelled the world in the course of his researches and writings, and has appeared regularly on television and radio. Aside from work, his diverse range of interests include motorbikes, the life and career of James Dean, collecting masquerade and carnival masks, quizzes, philately, poetry, travel, world mythology, and the history of animation.

He is a Scientific Fellow of the prestigious Zoological Society of London, and a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society. He is Cryptozoology Consultant to the Centre for Fortean Zoology, and is also a Member of the Society of Authors.

Visit his personal website and his mystery animals blog, ShukerNature.

He also has a poetry blog and a blog titled Eclectarium.

There is also an entry for Karl Shuker in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia  and a Like (fan) page on Facebook

Now available in a laminated hardback edition for a limited time only:
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Chapter 1: The Megalopedus, the Sukotyro, and a Very Cryptic Cabinet of Curiosities

Chapter 2: Mega-Turtles and Titanic Tortoises—In the Wake of Giant Crypto-Chelonians

Chapter 3: Horned Hares and Jackalopes—An (Un)Natural History

Chapter 4: Along Came a (Giant) Spider

Chapter 5: Never Tangle with a Tygomelia—Seeking Forgotten Mystery Beasts from Bygone Times

Chapter 6: Sea Dragons, Fairy Loaves, and Serpents of Stone—Fables and Fossils of Lyme Regis

Chapter 7: Giant Lemurs and Dwarf Hippos—On the Track of Madagascan Mystery Beasts

Chapter 8: You Know When You’ve Been Trunkoed—It’s the Surreal Thing!

Chapter 9: Toads in Holes and Frogs in Throats—The Enigma of Entombed Life

Chapter 10: Crocodilian Monsters and Mysteries

Chapter 11: Mega-Beavers and Micro-Squirrels—Two Extremes in Crypto-Rodentology

Chapter 12: Flower-Generated Birds and Turtle-Headed Eels—Extracting the Ordinary from the Extraordinary in Cryptozoology



About the Author


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This ebook is also available for Kobo eReaders, for the Nook in the UK, and for the Kindle, iPad, and iPhone in many countries around the world.

What they're saying:

"Karl Shuker is a highly reliable guide to all things cryptozoological... Mirabilis illustrates Shuker’s talent for readable discussion and the analysis of recondite material unlikely to be familiar even to dedicated anomalists and cryptozoologists." — Henry Bauer, Journal of Scientific Exploration

"In this gripping collection Shuker explores the farthest boundaries of natural history, which include some very wild areas indeed." – Peter Rogerson, Magonia

”...the startlingly prolific and well-versed Shuker—who unlike most cryptozoologists, has a doctorate in zoology—expounds with insight on mysteries of the animal realm. Much of the material seems unfamiliar even to those of us who know something of cryptozoology…As always Shuker’s breadth of arcane knowledge prompts an amazed and admiring shaking of the head.”  —Jerome Clark, Fortean Times 

Mirabilis is not just a commentary on case upon case, and creature upon creature. Instead, we see Karl putting on his Sherlock Holmes-style cape and deer- stalker hat, and actually trying to figure out – detective-style – what the many and varied baffling beasts under his microscope actually are. And there are plenty of them…A masterful and magical study of some of the wildest, biggest, weirdest, and freakiest critters said to haunt the darker corners of our world …” Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe


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