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A Casebook of Otherworldly Music
Vol. 1 of Paranormal Music Experiences

by D. Scott Rogo

Trade Paperback, 180 Pages

$15.95, ISBN: 1933665033

Genre(s): Paranormal

D. Scott Rogo's A Casebook of Otherworldly Music is a unique examination of an often-neglected subject - psychic music. The book was originally titled:  NAD: A Study of Some Unusual “Other World” Experiences. What is NAD? It's a Sanskrit term signifying transcendental, astral, psychic, or paranormal music - music heard from no apparent source.

About the Author:

D. Scott Rogo (1950-1990) was one of the most widely respected writer-journalists covering the field of parapsychology, as well as an active scientific investigator. Educated at the University of Cincinnati and San Fernando Valley State College, Rogo held a unique position in parapsychology and made many contributions to the field that deserve recognition. He served as a visiting researcher at the Psychical Research Foundation, then in Durham, North Carolina, and at the Division of Parapsychology and Psychophysics of the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.  He published papers on ESP in refereed parapsychological journals and was active in field investigations of hauntings and poltergeists. Rogo was also a leading authority on the history of psychical research; the breadth of his historical knowledge of the field was unsurpassed. Over the course of more than two-dozen published books, Rogo sought to broaden the range of topics worthy of paranormal research.

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Case No. 9 Miss A. M. H. 

A very interesting and complex case that is actually an instance in which the music was collectively heard was originally recorded in Robert Owen's Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World (Trubner, 1860). 

Miss A. M. H., not knowing that her friend "S." was ill, had a "dream" in which she found herself in "S.'s" house. She writes, "There, on the bed, I saw 'S.' as if about to die. I walked up to him, and, filled with hope, said, 'You are not going to die. Be comforted. You will live.' As I spoke I seemed to hear an exquisite strain of music sounding through the room." After "waking," Miss A. M. H. and her mother dispatched a letter to "S." inquiring about his state of health. By return post, it was verified that "S." had been seriously ill. 

Three years later Miss A. M. H. and her mother chanced to meet "S." in London and thereupon Miss A. M. H. recounted her dream. "S." then claimed that he had tried to encourage his brother to send for her, but that the brother had dissuaded him. During his illness he had seen her phantom and "I would also hear my favorite sonata by Beethoven . . . . You walked up to the bed with a cheerful air, and, while the music which I longed for filled the air, spoke to me encouragingly, saying I should not die." 

If indeed this was actually a reciprocal telepathically produced apparition, and not an OOBE [Out Of Body Experience] then it goes far beyond the data we presently have for such theories. Such cases of music heard at deathbeds shall be covered extensively in another section of this volume, and have many characteristics of being objective.

What is NAD? 
It's a Sanskrit term signifying transcendental, astral, psychic, or paranormal music - music heard from no apparent source.


1. NAD Introduction

2. NAD and out of the Body Travel 

3. NAD in Normal States of Consciousness 

4. NAD  Related to Death 

5. NAD, Hauntings, and the Psychic Ether 

6. NAD Mystics, and Mediums 

7. NAD Some Further Cases 

8. NAD and Its Relevancy to the Survival Issue 

Postscript by Dr. Robert Crookall 

Appendix A The Supreme Adventure: The Journey into Death 

Appendix B A Survey of Literature on the out-of-the-body Experience 

Acknowledgments and Bibliography

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What they're saying:

“One is continually impressed not only by Rogo's familiarity with this range of literature but even more by his keenly critical appraisal of the sources involved…One can applaud this pioneering effort…Those who are open-minded enough to read Rogo without pre-supposition, however, will find this volume filled with intriguing case material and much provocative theoretical material.” — Parapsychology Review

“A book on this subject has been overdue for some time, so the present well-documented volume is most welcome. It can readily be seen what a thorough treatment this fascinating subject has received at the hand of Mr. Scott Rogo.” — Journal of the Society for Psychical Research


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