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Forbidden Science 1
A Passion for Discovery, The Journals of Jacques Vallee 1957-1969

by Jacques Vallee

Trade Paperback, 490 Pages, 20 Illustrations

$27.95, ISBN: 9781938398766

Genre(s): UFOs Paranormal Speculative Science


Beginning after the launch of Sputnik and ending with the landing on the moon, the first volume of Jacques Vallee’s journals details how UFOs, in the midst of a proliferation of sightings in the 1960s, became a forbidden science. In this beautifully written journal, Vallee reveals just how the scientific community was misled by the government, how the best data on UFOs was kept hidden, and how the public record was shamelessly manipulated.

About the Author:

JACQUES VALLEE holds a master’s degree in astrophysics and a PhD in computer science. The subject of UFOs first attracted his attention as an astronomer in Paris. He subsequently became a close associate of Project Blue Book’s J. Allen Hynek and has written several books on the UFO enigma. He is presently a venture capitalist living in San Francisco. 

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Part One: Sub-Space

1. Pontoise. 24 December 1957

2. Paris. 25 August 1958

3. Paris. 10 February 1959

4. Lille. 24 October 1959

5. Paris. 12 August 1961 

Part Two: Blue Book

6. Austin. 29 November 1962

7. Chicago. 19 October 1963

8. Pontoise. 24 March 1964

9. Chicago. 24 October 1964

10. Chicago. 8 May 1965

Part Three: Pentacle

11. Chicago. 23 March 1966

12. Paris. 29 July 1966

13. Chicago. 28 September 1966

14. Chicago. 30 January 1967

15. Chicago. 18 June 1967 

Part Four: Magonia

16. Paris. 10 October 1967

17. Saint-Germain. 13 May 1968

18. Edinburgh. 14 August 1968

19. Willingboro. 16 November 1968

20. Stanford. 1 July 1969


Appendix: The Pentacle Memorandum

Notes and References 


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What they're saying:

“This dazzling diary offers a glimpse into the mind of a scientist who seems to challenge every misconception and established piety. It is replete with profoundly insightful, often devastating observations.” — Publishers Weekly

“The qualities that come through most clearly are Vallee’s love of people, his intense curiosity, and his willingness to march to his own drum…Vallee’s book will be a valuable resource in providing first hand insight into the early development of the UFO controversy.” — Professor Peter Sturrock, Stanford University


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