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The D. Scott Rogo Collection

Perhaps the best series of parapsychology books ever written

A Casebook of Otherworldly Music

D. Scott Rogo's A Casebook of Otherworldly Music is a unique examination of an often-neglected subject - psychic music. The book was originally titled: NAD: A Study of Some Unusual "Other World" Experiences. What is NAD? It's a Sanskrit term signifying transcendental, astral, psychic, or paranormal music - music heard from no apparent source.


A Psychic Study of the Music of the Spheres

This second volume of D. Scott Rogo's groundbreaking study of paranormal music experiences examines their relation to out of body experiences, survival after death, and other psychic phenomena. A Psychic Study of the Music of the Spheres also tackles the question of auditory hallucinations head on, and provides a fascinating theoretical discussion of how paranormal music is "heard." Finally, by applying the technique of pattern analysis to 58 cases of paranormal music experiences, Rogo is able to draw meaningful conclusions about the reality -- and source -- of this "otherworldly" music.



A glowing cross in the window of a church in Florida. A bleeding statue of Christ in Philadelphia. A young boy cured of his blindness at Lourdes. The stigmata of Padre Pio. The image on the Shroud of Turin.

Parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo examines a variety of miracles, great and smal in Miracles: A Parascientific Inquiry into Wondrous Phenomena. The phenomena can be Miraculous Talents (levitation, stigmata, bilocation), Miraculous Events (divine images, miraculous hailstones, bleeding statues and weeping madonnas), or Miraculous Interventions (Marian apparitions, miraculous healings). Rogo attempts to present the scientific rather than religious case for the miraculous, and in the process comes to a fresh and surprising interpretation about the nature of miracles.


In Search of the Unknown

The world of psychic research is a world of vast discovery and puzzles on the one hand, and deceit, con artistry, and self-delusion on the other. It is a schizoid world that can affect anyone who touches its Janus-like face. This book looks at both the genuine and the fraudulent, as well as the often incredible controversies which underlie the field of parapsychology. It is a very personal, behind-the-scenes look at what really happens when researching psychic phenomena.


On the Track of the Poltergeist

There is no mystery greater than that posed by the poltergeist. The "noisy ghosts" of legend and folklore represent some of the most complex phenomena known to-but generally ignored by-science. Psychological research indicates that poltergeists focus on unhappy families who tend to repress and sublimate massive amounts of inner aggression and anger. This anger tends to build within the mind of one of the family members until it explodes outward in the form of the poltergeist. But is that the whole answer?

On the Track of the Poltergeist is D. Scott Rogo's autobiographical account of his search to witness and document these rare phenomena. Backed by this experience and research, he is able to present a critical reevaluation of what we think we know about the poltergeist. Rogo also explains how to respond when confronted with a poltergeist outbreak and how to carry out field investigations of the phenomenon.


Our Psychic Potentials

Parapsychologists have uncovered irrefutable evidence that psychic abilities -- including telepathy, precognition, and psychokinesis - exist. But they are not "gifts" in any sense of the word. They are potentials. And as potentials, they are something we all inherently possess and can develop. The only problem is: how can we tap and use these abilities reliably?

In Our Psychic Potentials, D. Scott Rogo presents some very specific strategies -- some known about for hundreds of years, others recently discovered - for accessing our psychic potentials. These psychic development techniques involve dreaming, mental imagery, relaxation, suggestion, and feedback. Called "open minded," "frank," and "refreshing" by readers, this step-by-step guide to self-testing and psychic training also examines the scientific evidence that our psychic abilities can indeed be developed and used on demand.


The Haunted Universe

Breaking through the inhibitions of the field of parapsychology, D. Scott Rogo explores the possibility and examines the evidence that we are actually populating our universe with psychic creations-beings, objects, and other phenomena--that have taken on a physical reality and are now haunting our planet.


The Search for Yesterday

In this thorough and balanced account, researcher D. Scott Rogo offers a critical and scientific examination of reincarnation. He considers the various forms of past-life recall (dreams, waking visions, déjà vu), the most impressive case studies, and the history of research into reincarnation. He then concludes the book with an examination of explanatory models that can account for the phenomenon. Rogo concludes that some people can indeed tap into the memories of other people, cultures, and places long removed in time, but proposes that the evidence might be pointing to something more complex than our traditional views of reincarnation.




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