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bsw-smNo matter how hard we try to resolve the problem, Amazon can’t seem to get the editorial reviews straightened out for Brad Steiger’s new book, Beyond Shadow World, so we thought we would take this opportunity to post a couple of new reviews that the book has received since we reprinted it last month. Nick Redfern, over at UFO Mystic, had this to say: “Beyond Shadow World is more than just a collection of ghostly tales to be digested at the witching hour.. it’s a deep and thoughtful look at the whole controversy of the afterlife – but it also reveals much more…thought-provoking and informative…a must read.” And over at The Gralien Report, Micah A. Hanks wrote: “A masterful evaluation of the spirit realm by one of the most respected experts in spirit phenomenon today… From the exorcism of a small boy’s spirit left behind after a tragic murder, to the dangers of out-of-body projections and even the methodology behind contacting our “spirit teachers,” the entire experience of Beyond Shadow World involves the reader as an educational experience…Brad Steiger has, again, illustrated for us the dark side, but this time with such an element of light, hope and discovery that our ultimate knowledge of the Shadow World can finally be faced without fear, regret, or repression.” Update: Amazon finally corrected the Beyond Shadow World book page on July 20, 2009.

bsw-smThe third volume of Brad Steiger’s groundbreaking Shadow World series is now back in print with a new 15-page preface. Originally published as Our Shared World of the Supernatural, Beyond Shadow World expands the roster of extra-dimensional beings that we share our universe with. In addition to the spirits of the dead, nature spirits, spirit parasites, and spirit mimics, he also explores the nature of the Light Beings, which include the benevolent entities known as angels, spirit guides, spirit teachers, and celestial visitors or “space brothers.” Though Steiger provides techniques for contact and behavior with them, he warns that such entities should never be either worshipped or summoned–as they may not be what they claim to be. And the reviews are already in: “A fantastic compilation” (Fate) and “my highest recommendation” (Erskine Overnight).