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tl2Eric Wargo, the author of Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious, received the best pre-publication endorsement we could ever have hoped for. It came from Jeffrey J. Kripal, the J Newton Rayzor Professor of Religion at Rice University, and the author of Mutants and Mystics and Secret Body. “I will not be shy,” Kripal began, “I consider Time Loops to be the most significant intellectual work on a paranormal topic in the last fifty years…” Other reviewers have not been shy either, including precognition researcher Julia Mossbridge, who in her review in the Journal of Scientific Exploration wrote: “If I don’t make you want to buy Time Loops, I’ve failed…Wargo presents the hypothesis…that the unconscious mind is consciousness displaced backwards in time.” Others piled on the praise as well. Wargo, said Mitch Horowitz, a former editor-in-chief at Tarcher and a PEN Award-winning author, “succeeds gloriously in providing this century’s first historical and analytic overview of precognition and its causes.” The superlatives don’t stop there, but we will with these words from Jenny Randles, who in the journal Magonia wrote “This book could be a Newton-plus-apple moment…”

Now Available: Time Loops

August 10, 2018

tl2It’s been a dozen years and nearly 100 books since we started Anomalist Books. We’ve published many books that others have called “innovative” and “important.” But never have we published a book that we thought had the potential to be a game changer—until now. We firmly believe that Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausatity, and the Unconscious by Eric Wargo is likely to be that book. Wargo has tackled the difficult issue of time and our very personal relationship to it. He proposes that we are actually four dimensional creatures, that our future affects our present, and that we have knowledge of that future (precognition), just as we have knowledge of the past (memory). It’s a bold, challenging work that has garnered advanced praise from such people as Rice University’s Jeffrey Kripal who says: “I consider Time Loops to be the most significant intellectual work on a paranormal topic in the last fifty years …. Not only does Eric Wargo show us how strong the evidence for precognition really is—already a major accomplishment. He gives us scientific, psychological, and interpretive tools for thinking about these phenomena in strikingly original ways.”