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The Unidentified & Creatures of the Outer EdgeIn the Spring 2007 issue of Mysteries magazine, Michael Newton bemoans the fact that publishers let so many worthwhile books go out-of-print. “It is a pleasure, then, to mark the reappearance in a single volume of two classic investigative works from the 1970s, penned in concert by renowned Fortean authors Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman,” writes Newton in his review of The Unidentified & Creatures of the Outer Edge. “A new introduction to the omnibus edition explains that the authors have changed their minds (or, at least, their perspective) on certain subjects covered in these early volumes, but to their credit, they have left the original texts undisturbed and unredacted. They are willing to bear criticism and invite debate on subjects that are still as fresh, as mystifying, as when Clark and Coleman first set pens to paper in the Nixon years. Readers who missed these books first time around, including many who were yet unborn, now have a chance to savor ‘golden oldies’ in their pristine form.”