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There is probably a good reason that The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster by Lyle Blackburn is the fastest selling Anomalist Book of all time. Maybe it’s because Lyle is a famous rock musician. Maybe it’s because the film The Legend of Boggy Creek made such a impression on so many people. Or maybe it’s simply because is the book is such a thorough, well researched, and well written portrait of terrifying creature. In a feature entitled “A monster of a story,” Aaron Brand of the Texarkana Gazette wrote: “A coherent, thorough and entertaining yarn about the Fouke Monster…Part of his [Blackburn’s] complete portrait includes exploring Fouke culture and the genesis of monster stories that sprang up in the area…Blackburn employs his descriptive powers to set the scene and give readers an idea of the local landscape. Reading his descriptions, it’s easy to see why people may believe they see extraordinary things, whether real or imagined, down in the woods.” Even the no-nonesense Peter Rogerson of Magonia was impressed. He views Blackburn “essentially as a folklorist” and praises his approach: “Blackburn goes beyond simply interviewing witnesses and presents the stories in the context of the history and development of the area, tells the story behind the film and its influence on the cinema and the Beast’s influence on popular culture.” Rogerson calls The Beast of Boggy Creek an “excellent book.” Of course, the “choir” loves the book. too. Nick Redfern, on Cryptomundo, calls it “A major, major addition to the field of monster-hunting.” And Bob Yarger of the Texas Bigfoot Conservancy wrote: “The Beast of Boggy Creek is, besides being a first-rate piece of journalism regarding this unknown creature and the movie inspired by it, the comprehensive reference to the Fouke Monster and a thoroughly entertaining read, suspenseful and intriguing.”

Growing up in Texas, Lyle Blackburn became fascinated with the legends, lore, and sighting reports of alleged real-life monsters. Today, the infamous frontman of the devilishly eclectic rock band, Ghoultown, has authored his first book, The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster, all about the large, legendary, hairy, man-like creature of Southern Arkansas known as the Fouke monster. Over the years, the creature has been seen by numerous witnesses, including respected citizens, experienced hunters, famous musicians, and even a police officer. The encounters were often so shocking, they served as inspiration for the classic horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek, by Charles B. Pierce. And frightening encounters with the Fouke monster continue to be reported to this day. With a foreword by Loren Coleman, the book has already drawn advance praise from people such as Nick Redfern who believes the book is “Destined to become a cryptozoological classic!”