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astro“At last, someone doing scientific studies on astrology and publishing their results,” begins Robert Marks’ review of Astrology Off the Beaten Track: A Scientific Study of Planets and Personality by Dr. Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch, who died in 2008. Marks states that “Her research projects were ingenious. She did studies on twins and world events. She even studied dogs and cows!” He ends his detailed, largely complimentary review with these words: “The book…is well written with simple, easy to read language…Of course, the work has to be thoroughly examined and we have to see if it can be replicated. Of so, then it provides support for the earlier Gauquelin work, and that would indicate that there might be something to astrology after all.” Marks’ review appears in the Winter 2009 issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

astroAstrology Off the Beaten Track: A Scientific Study of Planets and Personality by Dr. Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch bridges the deep divide between astrology and modern science. It represents a major breakthrough and an exceptional achievement, as this book is a synthesis of the only rigorous scientific study of astrology conducted by a high profile scientist who spent 40 years of her life investigating astrology. After finding fault with today’s scientists, who with contempt and prejudice have refused to put astrology to the test, Dr. Fuzeau-Braesch decided to conduct her own investigation to either confirm or discredit astrology. After studying the work of ancient astrologers and contemporary researchers, as well as modern statisticians and biologists, she undertook an original research program that has extended the boundaries of our understanding of astrology and science. Most intriguingly, Dr. Fuzeau-Braesch examined the characteristics of purebred dogs and cloned cows–and, to the dismay of skeptics, found that some astrological tools and concepts can be confirmed by hard science. She discovered that beyond the longstanding errors, blind spots, and confused thinking inherent in most astrological techniques lies a real and still unexplained interaction between personality and planets. Throughout her personal and professional journeys, Fuzeau-Braesch has charted a path for those who find value in interdisciplinary studies that are based on true science, rather than personal or professional biases or magical thinking. Her wide ranging work is a thoughtful step toward creating a new kind of scientific thinking, one that will appeal to readers with a profound curiosity about the mysteries of our universe.