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sli-smYou’d be amazed at how many people have said, “Oh, that’s happened to me!” whenever we mention the experience of streetlights going off (or sometimes on) when walking near them, and our new book on the subject by Hilary Evans called SLIders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference. In fact, one reviewer of the book, David Taylor at Northern Earth, admits it has happened to him. “As strange as it sounds…” Taylor goes on to write, “this excellent book by Hilary Evans shows that it is a very real phenomenon. As this is the first full length book on the subject, this is destined to become a classic.” Over at Magonia, Peter Rogerson found the book “interesting but ultimately frustrating” because after discussing the experiences and comments of 215 correspondents, Evans was not able to find a consistent pattern to SLI. “Some people,” writes Rogerson, “experience it when they are sad, others when they are elated, some have to be under the street light, others metres away, with some people it only happens when they don’t concentrate or think about the light, others when they do, usually only one light goes off, but sometimes more than one does.” Micah Hanks, at The Gralien Report, was especially impressed by the author’s style: “…one welcoming quality about Evans’s book that I found in particular is the almost ‘comfort-reading’ it provides through the recollection of a variety of collected accounts and stories throughout the text. In doing so, Evans evokes a story-telling element somewhat reminiscent of the styles of greats like Clark, Steiger and Sanderson; but with his diverse experience and long-held interests in Fortean subjects, Evans’s own unique style emerges with vibrant character and the familiar contemplative nature of his previous works. Though managing to capture the reader’s mind with his tales, there remains very much to be explored with regard to SLI phenomenon, to which Evans at one point pauses to describe as ‘a rogue force, a loose cannon, neither understood or controlled.’” And finally, Nick Redfern summed it all up nicely for us at Reviews of the Mysterious Kind: “Anomalist Books have carved for themselves a first-class niche in the field of publishing thought-provoking and near-unique titles on anomalies of the mind, the physical world, and those strange realms beyond. And, SLIders is a great addition to [their] ever-expanding list of titles.”

sli-smHilary Evans is producing some of the best books of his distinguished career as a writer. His latest book is SLIders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference. Streetlight Interference (SLI) is an alleged phenomenon, in which it is claimed that certain people, passing near a streetlight at night, cause it to spontaneously extinguish (or if off, come on). Although there are hundreds of reports by both SLIders and witnesses, the subject remains controversial. Though trivial at first glance, closer study shows SLI to be a complex process, rich in paradoxes and contradictions. If true, however, the claims carry profound and exciting implications for science and for our knowledge of human potential. This book reviews the evidence and seeks a scientific explanation. Every account is taken from SLIders’ first-hand reports of their experiences. Don’t miss it!