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“An Astonishing Book”

December 1, 2023

fs5The reviews are in for Forbidden Science 5: Pacific Heights, The Journals of Jacques Vallee 2000-2009 and they are, as expected, glowing. Clive Prince, reviewing the book for Magonia, writes that Jacques Vallee has “a fine scientific and creative intellect, who manages to adroitly straddle the scientific, academic and fringe. All of which makes his journals invaluable documents for UFO researchers and enthusiasts…Forbidden Science really brings home the bewildering and frustrating complexity of the UFO enigma…[But] It’s not all UFOs and Aliens. Vallée keeps up his parapsychological interests, such as in remote viewing—including a project to track down Osama bin Laden—and taking a close interest in experimental evidence for precognition…All in all, Forbidden Science is crucial reading for anyone with an interest in the UFO phenomenon…” Bill Chalker of The Oz Files agrees: “There is much to fascinate and intrigue, and even frustrate the reader, as the journal describes the complexities of Vallee’s interactions with the phenomenon, the folklore and the impact of it, as well as the many twists and turns of the various participations and descriptions of the more secretive approaches to researching and investigating it…Thank you Jacques Vallee for your courage and persistence…I recommend Forbidden Science 5…” And lastly, Jeffrey Kripal, writing in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, says: “This is an astonishing book, and on a number of levels… Allow me to explain why this book moved me so, why I think it is so important to what is going on today in the American public media and the U.S. political, military, and intelligence communities, and why you should, yes, really read these pages…like right now.”

fs5The fifth volume of the journals of Jacques Vallee has now been published: Forbidden Science 5, Pacific Heights: The Journals of Jacques Vallee 2000-2009. This volume continues Vallee’s insider view into UFO research and the government’s often reluctant efforts to to deal with the issue. Set in the midst of global financial and political upheaval, as well as heartbreaking person losses, Vallee explains how during this decade UFOs could be studied in novel ways and how the government came to seriously revisit the issue in the face of possible threats to national security. Of great interest is how Vallee was drawn into the Defense Intelligence Agency’s secret UFO program known as the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP); for the first time we see how it developed, as well as its problems and promise. Here, in ten years of carefully curated journal entries, partly drawn from classified research, Vallée shows how a few teams of scientists and physicians have brought about a remarkable reframing of unidentified phenomena.

Brilliant and Informative

November 21, 2019

fs4-frontThose are the words of Dr. Diana Pasulka, author of American Cosmic, writing about our recently published book, Forbidden Science 4: The Spring Hill Chronicles, The Journals of Jacques Vallee 1990-1999. She continues, “Science is finally catching up with Vallee’s speculations, laid bare in Forbidden Science where this venture/adventure is documented, inextricably linked to discovery.” In Magonia, Jenny Randles said, “Here as reader you get what really happened day by day from a true giant of the UFO field.” And John Alexander, writing in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, said: “The rich tapestry of this chronicle reveals background material on a vast array of topics. What is guaranteed is that you will learn things about subjects you never knew existed…This is a veritable Who’s Who in the study of UFOs and other phenomena…it is mandatory reading.” But perhaps Jerome Clark summed it up best in Fortean Times: “As a unique original thinker, and the smartest guy in most rooms where ufologists congregate, Vallee is formidable…His contributions to UFO study equal anybody’s in their scope and insight…Forbidden Science 4 is a commendably open portrayal of the man, his strengths and flaws in full, brave view. If you care about this subject, you had better read it.”

fs4-frontJacques Vallee needs no introduction to this audience. His remarkable career cuts across so many fields of interest to anomalists–from UFOs to parapsychology to remote viewing and more. And we are lucky that he has been keeping a record of his life, work, and passions in a series of journals that begin back in 1957 and now stretch to the last decade of the 20th century. His latest volume, Forbidden Science 4: The Spring Hill Chronicles, The Journals of Jacques Vallee 1990-1999, brings the reader behind the scenes at the founding of the National Institute of Discovery Science, the closed door sessions of the Rockefeller Initiative, his lunch and dinner discussions with intelligence and government personnel, and his field study of several notable UFO close encounters, all told with the refreshing intimacy of a dairy entry. If you haven’t read the first three volumes—Forbidden Science 1, Forbidden Science 2, and Forbidden Science 3we recommend you start with those for the full adventure, though the latest volume will certainly fascinate and illuminate on its own.

fs1-csfs2-csfs3-csWith these three volumes of journals you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at 20th century UFO research. And not just Vallee’s UFO investigations, but his day-to-day dealings with J. Allen Hynek and all the other major players in the UFO community. Vallee also played a crucial role in the early days of remote viewing research at SRI, as well as in the development of the internet. Yes, Vallee was there in the midst of it all. His journal entries are not only informative, but revealing, and always warm and personal. Forbidden Science 1: A Passion for Discovery, The Journals of Jacques Vallee 1957-1969 reveals how UFOs, in the midst of a proliferation of sightings in the 1960s, became a forbidden science. Forbidden Science 2: California Hermetica, The Journals of Jacques Vallee 1970-1979 continues his examination of UFO encounters, but also deals with the emergence of the Human Potential Movement, the development of the Internet, and the entrance, in secret, of parapsychology into the physics laboratory. Forbidden Science 3: On the Trail of Hidden Truths, The Journals of Jacques Vallee 1980-1989 concerns the increasing manipulation and disinformation that discouraged rational research into ufology, as well as the development of venture capital that led to great innovations throughout the world. This is the first publication of these journals in inexpensive (and corrected) trade paperback editions.