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Challenging Perceptions

November 13, 2007

Shadow WorldShadow World, Brad Steiger’s book on multidimensional beings, tricksters, shape-shifters, spirit mimics, and spirit parasites, is generating high praise and otherworldly sales. Brent Raynes at Alternate Perceptions says “Brad Steiger offers his readers various thoughtful and carefully researched possible interpretations for these very puzzling manifestations…that may unexpectedly intrude into our own lives.” We think Raynes may have had a hard time putting the book down: “You’ll have a hell of a time prying your fingers loose from this riveting book of true spine-chilling supernatural accounts…” Nick Redfern provides a very thoughtful review of the book on his blog at UFO Mystic. “Although Steiger does not go down the alien path in Shadow World,” writes Redfern, “it became clear to me on reading his book that the other-worldly entities – and their actions and activities – that he discusses are eerily similar in many ways to those of our so-called ‘aliens’…Steiger highlights case after case that will not sit well with those who see the afterlife as being one based merely around the simplistic ‘love and light’ approach.” “Wolfman” Dan Allen, a writer and illustrator for Studio Ronin, echoes these thoughts: “Shadow World is a chilling sojourn through the realm of the spirit world, and once again challenges our perception of where and why spirit beings originate. No, this is no mere gallery of ghosts and ghouls; it provides a panoramic painting of the motives and classifications of ethereal beings…Once again, my hat goes off to Brad for expanding our knowledge…”

Brad Steiger Rules

October 2, 2007

Everyone knows that Brad Steiger is one hell of a great writer of paranormal books. But have you ever caught him on the radio? If not, you’ve missed out on a real treat. But you can remedy that situation this month, as Brad is handing out treats on the radio all month long. No doubt he’ll be mentioning Shadow World and Strange Guests, as well as some of his other 160 books on the paranormal. Here’s his schedule:

Shadow WorldOctober 2, Explore Your Spirit with Kala
October 5, New England Ghost Project with Ron Kolek
October 12, Jeff Rense, along with Jeff Belanger and Joe Leto on Ghost Hunting, and Wolfman Dan Allen on Werewolves and shapeshifting
October 13, Beyond Reality, 7-10 EST, with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of Sci-Fi channel’s Ghost Hunters
October 14, Emilio on the Graveyard Shift 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM EDT
October 17, TAPS 5:00 PM and Julia Cole 9:00 PM.
Strange GuestsOctober 18, The Kevin Smith Show 10 PM Eastern.
October 19, Allan Handelman 3-6pm. This three-hour program, which covers
most of the lower Eastern seaboard, will be edited and rebroadcast on his
nationally syndicated Rock Talk on Sunday, October 28.
October 20, As You Wish with James Gilliand
October 20, Erskine Overnight
October 23, Journeys with Rebecca
October 24, Joyce Keller
October 26, Jeff Rense, along with Dr. Dave and Sharon on EVPs and Paul Bartholomew on Monsters
October 27, WCCO CBS Minneapolis, 1-3:30 AM with Brad Walton
October 27, The Edge with Daniel Ott
October 28, Branson Tonight with Tiffany and Logan St. James
October 31, Jeff Rense, along with Loren Coleman on Monsters, Ray Buckland on Wicca, and Gordon Melton on Vampires
November 2, Haunted Voices Radio with Todd Bates
December 1, Exploring Unexplained Phenomena with host Scott H. Colborn, 10 am Central Time.

Don’t miss him!

Shadow WorldWe are pleased to offer our reprint of Brad Steiger’s Shadow World, free of the soft, New Age spin the previous publisher had put on the book. This edition presents the darkside unadulterated. Our back cover blurb reads: “Having conducted research through five decades and across four continents, investigator Brad Steiger concludes that a richly populated Shadow World exists all around us. When it impinges on our ordinary plane of shared reality, this dark dimension is sometimes frightening, occasionally menacing, but always worthy of cautious exploration. Spirits of the dead are but one of the many types of beings that inhabit in the Shadow World. Others appear to be multidimensional beings, some of whom may be benign, while others seem to be cosmic tricksters or troublemakers bent on mischief. And unfortunately some of the beings that seem to have our best interests at heart may in fact have entered our world with the intention of possessing our bodies or capturing our souls.” Not for the squeamish.