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Worlds Before Our OwnIn recent months, reviews of some of our books have appeared in Paranormal Magazine, a beautiful, glossy newsstand monthly edited by Richard Holland. First up is their review of  Worlds Before Our Own by Brad Steiger: “Steiger’s book delves into the dim and distant past to examine evidence damned by archeological and paleontological orthodoxy. Could Homo sapiens have existed on the Earth far longer than currently believed?…The suggestion is not as fantastical as it might first appear…[Steiger] does not intend this evidence to be conclusive, merely to raise the question about our origins and to fire the imagination regarding the possibility of a millions of years-old lost civilization. He succeeds admirably on both counts.”

oaNext is their review of Brad Steiger’s Otherworldly Affaires: “Demon lovers have been a feature of folklore since the Middle Ages at least but such phenomena are still reported today. Steiger turns his considerable resources onto the subject of sex and the supernatural in this welcome reprint of Haunted Lovers first published in 1971 but now rather hard to find… Sex and romance are powerful forces in the human psyche so it’s no wonder that they should have a strong influence on supernatural experience. Many of the accounts in Steiger’s fascinating book are doubtless the result of psychosis or wish fulfillment, but many more provide unnervingly convincing evidence of beings from beyond who are keen to get closer than comfortable.”

tujungaAnd lastly is their review of The Tujunga Canyon Contacts by Ann Druffel and Scott Rogo: “Whatever your attitude towards the alien abduction scenario (literal truth or hypnosis hooey?), The Tujunga Canyon Contacts is a seminal must-read for anyone interested in the subject…The particular value of this book is that alien abductions were still new on the scene when [Ann Druffel and Scott Rogo] carried out their research, which means the experiencers would not have been contaminated by all the abduction scenarios that have since become so familiar…”

The reviews are in for Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World, and they’ve got us grinning from ear to ear. Linda Godfrey, the author of many books, including Hunting the American Werewolf, had this to say about our latest Brad Steiger reprint: “Although the Bible says that in the afterlife, people do not marry nor are they given in marriage, Brad Steiger’s Otherworldly Affaires shows that they may still be thinking about marriage, sex, and past relationships. And acting upon those thoughts. Or at least, it appears that something from the other side is doing so. How else to explain the many true tales of bereaved men and women haunted by former lovers…not to mention oddities such as a woman impregnated by a departed husband or a glowing image of the Virgin Mary sent to protect a young girl’s innocence? It’s a peek into an area of phantom lore not examined in most ghost collections, accompanied where appropriate by Steiger’s level-headed, psychology-based explanations.”

Brad Steiger’s second volume of tales from the Shadow World (the first was Shadow World: True Encounters with Beings from the Darkside) also drew praise from Joshua P. Warren, the author of How To Hunt Ghosts: “Brad Steiger’s Otherworldly Affaires is a controversial tome, instantly engaging. His seasoned storytelling gripped me from page one. I know how difficult it is to probe this subject, and Steiger has produced another classic. It’s truly incomparable, delving into love and sex on all dimensions, including with visitors from space. But be warned: some of the descriptions were graphic, and even disturbing. It’s by far the best book on this subject I have ever seen or read.”

Finally, we have more than a few good words from Micah A. Hanks of The Gralien Report: “Have you ever been married to a ghost? Have you ever parented a ‘spirit child’? Or perhaps you’ve been visited in the dark of night by some strange presence—with whom shortly thereafter you may have found yourself in the throes of passion! Time and time again, average folks in their day-to-day lives have described such strange phenomenon, and it certainly doesn’t always involve favorable circumstances; several individuals have even claimed to have been accosted by ‘spirit molesters’ from the Shadow World. To date, no collection of such accounts better presents the argument that the powers of love and sexual desire can—and do—extend beyond the physical realm than Brad Steiger’s latest work, Otherworldly Affaires… reading this book will change one’s perspectives of love, sex, marriage, the afterlife, as well as the notion of spirit and ghostly activity. But above all, it is also a damned good read…”

And to top it all off, Otherworldly Affaires has just placed first in Haunted America Tours’ list of “The Ten Most Haunted Paranormal Books of 2008.” Thank you!

By the way, Brad Steiger will be discussing the book on “Coast to Coast”, Saturday night Oct. 25, 2008, and on “Rense,” Friday, October 31, 2008. But if you miss those two appearance, don’t worry – he’ll be making many more radio appearances during the months of November and December.

Otherworldly Affaries: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World is Volume 2 of Brad Steiger’s remarkable Shadow World series. (Volume 1, Shadow World, appeared last year, and Volume 3, Beyond Shadow World, will appear next year). This work was originally entitled Haunted Lovers but we chose to change the title and provide a subtitle because this work encompasses so much more than that. The accounts in this book include apparitions of lovers seen at their moment of death, jealous lovers who have sought vengeance from beyond the grave, sexual molesters from the other world, warnings and advice from lovers who have passed over, passionate liaisons between psychic mediums and their contacts, seducers from UFOs, and other extraordinary tales of supernatural love and desire. It’s worth noting that Brad regards this work, which was certainly ahead of its time, as one of his best books on the paranormal. By the way “affaires” is not misspelled; the extra “e” at the end of the word helps to distinguish “business affairs” from “love affaires.”