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Did you catch what Brad Steiger had to say about Kevin Randle’s new book, Reflections of a UFO Investigator? “From a high school boy reading UFO books in study hall to a tireless investigator searching for some glimpse of the true reality behind the greatest phenomenon of our time, Kevin Randle shares every foot of the path he has trod as a UFO investigator. From abductions to contactees, Randle tells it the way he sees it. Known to many as one of the researchers who made us reconsider the story of the UFO crash at Roswell, I found the chapters recreating his painstaking examination of the evidence for that controversial case particularly interesting. The Willingham investigation will serve as a caution to investigators who may make their conclusions too rapidly. If a case is too good to be true, it may well be just that…too good to be true. Randle presents us with the balanced casebook of a top investigator of the UFO enigma.” ¬†Even John Harney over at Magonia had a few good things to say about Randle’s book, mostly praising his methods of investigation and his interviewing of witnesses, and concluding that this is “a book for the serious UFO enthusiast…” And if you want yet more Reflections from Randle, check out the latest issue of UFO Magazine. You can’t miss it, as the cover of issue 158 has Randle in uniform, with a rifle across his lap. The cover line reads: “His newest book: In service to his country and to research.”

There aren’t many truly qualified UFO investigators these days. It takes a lot of experience, a willingness to learn from your mistakes, and a dogged determination to get at the truth. Kevin Randle is one of a rare breed. He’s been doing it for nearly half a century. He started investigating UFOs in high school and kept on doing it on the side through his years of military service (which in one case led some townspeople to think the Air Force was investigating the case when it was just Kevin on his own). How UFO investigation should be done, and how Kevin has done it all those years, is revealed in his 21st UFO book: Reflections of a UFO Investigator, just published by Anomalist Books. Other than his investigation of the Roswell case, for which Kevin is perhaps best known, others detailed in this memoir include the Carroll Wayne Watts case, the Rhodes photographs, and the Santa Rosa crash. We’re pretty much certain that you’ll be surprised by Randle’s brutally honest look back at his career in UFO research.