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Hello, Australia!

July 8, 2011

Since 2005, our books have been available for printing and direct distribution in the United States and the United Kingdom (from which they are also shipped to the continent). And now, as of July 2011, we are also able to print and ship our books directly from Melbourne, Australia, for the Australian, New Zealand, and Asian markets. Do let your friends Down Under know that Anomalist Books are now—or will soon be—available from their favorite online booksellers (without the high markups due to postage costs). Booksellers in Australia can now contact us about our wholesale discounts.

Finally, Australians will be able to pick up Anomalist Books written by their own countrymen:

The Yowie: In Search of Australia’s Bigfoot by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper

Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences by Louis Proud

And last but not least, readers in the United Kingdom and Australia can finally now also order Jacques Vallee’s “Alien Contact Trilogy” :

Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact

Confrontations: A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact

Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception

Our First Digital Edition

August 5, 2010

diWe have produced our first ebook and the luck of the draw goes to Louis Proud’s Dark Intrusions. The ebook is now available for the Amazon Kindle (click here) and through Apple’s iBookstore (open iBookstore app, click “Store,” search for “Dark Intrusions”). Eventually it will also be available through Barnes & Noble for the Nook, and for other ebook readers as well. We are gradually producing ebook versions of all our originals and eventually all our reprints as well—if the authors have given us permission to do so, of course. Readers who refuse to be dragged into the digital age have nothing to fear, however: we will still be producing and selling print editions of all our books.

diWhat do people think of Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences, Louis Proud’s remarkable new book? Read on!

In There’s Something in the Bedroom, Nick Redfern writes: “A lot of words have been written about the strange and unnerving phenomenon (or, perhaps, phenomena would be a better and more accurate word to use) that has popularly become known as Sleep Paralysis (SP)…But, what has been lacking until now is a truly in-depth, book-length and definitive study of the mystery written by someone who has actually experienced repeated episodes of sleep paralysis, first-hand…That situation has now changed (and radically so, too), thanks to Australian author Louis Proud…this is a truly excellent and wide study of a phenomenon undertaken by a man who has not only been touched and changed by SP himself, but who has had the courage to seek out the answers to this mystery, and who ultimately triumphs, rather than merely playing the role of victim to the menacing entities that invade our slumber.”

In Shadow Visitors: Sleep paralysis and discarnate “dark ones,” Matt Cardin of the Teeming Brain, explains: Louis Proud “argues that sleep paralysis is actually a cousin to spirit mediumship, in that the experience represents an actual visitation by paranormal entities that live constantly among us. Usually we remain in a condition of mutual ignorance — we don’t see these entities, and they don’t see us — but sometimes they become aware of us, and then, if they’re the lower and more craven kind, they latch onto us to feed on our life energy.”

It’s an idea that makes many people uncomfortable — and rightly so. In Things in the Night, Don Nod, who has had SP experiences of his own, writes: “I have to admit his premise that the cause of S.P. was paranormal wasn’t something I wanted to entertain too much. I have spent many years trying to deny & rationally explain away my own S.P. experiences. But any misgivings I might have had about this book were soon smoothed over by Louis Proud’s intensely fascinating & intelligently written explorations of S.P. & such diverse phenomenon as poltergeists, U.F.O.s, Whitley Strieber’s Visitors & tying these threads together so that new avenues of research are opened…I highly recommend it. It will have you second guessing what you thought you knew about life, the universe, & ‘reality.'”

And finally, Micah Hanks, in his review of the book, says: “This volume, no doubt, will solidify Proud’s presence in the Fortean community… it will also become a reference for others who frequently encounter this strange aspect of human consciousness, which they will no doubt look to in trying to better understand the nature of their own experiences.”

You can read an interview with Louis Proud on TheoFantastic, or listen to Proud discussing the scientific and paranormal nature of sleep paralysis experiences on The Gralien Report.

diWe are pleased to announce a book that breaks new ground in our understanding of sleep paralysis experiences. That book is Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences by Louis Proud, an Australian whose very personal, well-researched work will likely have a profound impact not only for what he says but the way he has said it. And we’re not the only ones singing praises to this new young author. “Louis Proud has demonstrated with this book that he is one of the most acute commentators on the paranormal to appear in recent years,” says Colin Wilson, the author of The Occult. “It gives me immense pleasure to be allowed to introduce a writer who will, I suspect, become widely admired for his enviable brilliance and clarity.” And David Hufford, Ph.D., author of The Terror That Comes in the Night, adds these words in his foreword to the book: “This insider’s account of his own sleep paralysis experiences, in detail, is of great value. Then for that insider to knowledgeably place the experience in the broad paranormal context is unique. It provides a badly needed view of the cultural/interpretive framework that this experience naturally suggests. Louis Proud has been bold and thoughtful in providing this.” We could not agree more.