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A Very Important Book

May 5, 2014

Yes, John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies is a great book; it’s a scary and very entertaining story. But that book doesn’t explain what Keel really thought about all the craziness going on in our world. The book that connects the dots is The Eighth Tower, which is made up of material that was left out of The Mothman Prophecies then expanded upon by Keel, who is regarded by many as one of the legendary writers on the paranormal. Keel’s long forgotten classic on the science behind many paranormal phenomena has been reprinted by Anomalist Books as both a print and an ebook and people have made it our newest best-seller. “This is—in my opinion—the one Keel title, more than any other,” writes Nick Redfern in his review of the book on Mysterious Universe, “that really gets close to figuring out where the nightmarish monsters, strange creatures, ‘aliens,’ magical entities and more that so many have witnessed actually come from. Welcome to the world of what Keel called ‘the superspectrum’… Keel tackles the subject in such a refreshing and thought-provoking fashion that it becomes hard to deny that the man was clearly on the right path, even if—by his own admittance—much of the nature of the superspectrum remains mystifying…a very important book.”

If you are reading this you already know about The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel’s best known work thanks in large part to Hollywood which made a film out of his non-fiction cryptozoological thriller starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney. But few people are aware that Keel wrote a follow-up to that work entitled The Eighth Tower: On Ultraterrestrials and the Superspectrum in which he wraps up all the High Weirdness—beams of light, voices from the heavens, the “little people,” gods and devils, ghosts and monsters, and UFOs—into one Grand Unified Theory. This dark work, in which Keel pulls no punches, probes the ultimate question: Are we pawns in a celestial game? This new Anomalist Books edition of The Eighth Tower is now available in print for just $15.95—a far cry from the exorbitant prices ($128-to-$2,800) that the book has been going for on the used book market.