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Not an Exercise in Nostalgia

September 28, 2015

It seems that Peter Costello’s In Search of Lake Monsters had a great influence on people who first read it when it first appeared years ago. Both Glasgow Boy, who runs the authoritative Loch Ness Monster website, and Nick Redfern in his review of the book at Mysterious Universe, both admit that it had an impact on their interest in cryptozoology during their formative years; Redfern even avows that “it remains one of my cryptozoological favorites.” But, as Redfern says: “It’s important to note that the resurfacing of Costello’s book is not an exercise in nostalgia. Anomalist Books are very careful and discerning when it comes to the issue of what should be republished…. This is a book that is important, entertaining, revealing, and thought-provoking.” Indeed, this classic book is more than a mere reprint: the new edition contains a new Afterword by the author, an Introduction by Loren Coleman, and a Preface by Bernard Heuvelmans, the “father of cryptozoology” who had a great influence on Costello himself. “For me personally,” writes Glasgow Boy, “the force of the book’s argument remains. I may not agree with [Costello’s] identification of the various animals described, but that there is a case to be answered rather than rejected remains.”

We can’t think of a better way to introduce our newest book,  In Search of Lake Monsters by Peter Costello, than by quoting the words it inspired in Bernard Heuvelmans, the “father of cryptozoology,” who wrote: “Peter Costello authoritatively surveys the whole subject, supporting his arguments with a substantial bibliography, and displaying both the elegance of the born writer and the sense of humor essential to every occasion.” This pioneering classic in the field of cryptozoology is an overview of lake monsters reports from all over the world that provides a convincing explanation of the identity of these elusive denizens. This new edition of the book contains a new Afterword by the author, an Introduction by Loren Coleman, and a Preface by, yes, Bernard Heuvelmans.  So don’t miss it.