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You can count the number of must-read UFO books on one hand, but there is no doubt that John A. Keel’s Operation Trojan Horse is one work that deserves that honor. Anomalist Books has just reprinted Keel’s classic study of UFOs. This edition, authorized by the estate of John Keel, largely follows the original book, first published in 1970. A few corrections from the “updated” 1996 edition have been included, but we chose not to reprint the grumpy preface to the 1996 book or the few hastily added sentences that were little more than a failed attempt to make the book appear new. These tacked-on “updates” were not only unnecessary, they actually diminished the power of the original work, tainting it with an aging writer’s bitterness and negativity. Put simply, the original Operation Trojan Horse is a brilliant deconstruction of the UFO mystery. And its message is one that UFO researchers have largely still not come to grips with more than 40 years later. Those with an interest in this subject who choose to ignore this book, do so at their own peril.