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MOTAS-coverName one of the most influential paranormal books of the past 40 years? We think many would agree that it’s Mysteries of Time and Space by Brad Steiger, which is why we have reprinted the book with a new introduction by the now-famous author looking back on that 66th book of his. This classic book certainly influenced Nick Redfern, who writes in Mysterious Universe, that “Brad’s book opened my mind to a wide-range of enigmas – and ultimately played a significant role in spurring me on to do my own investigations and, eventually, writings, too.” Nick insists that his love for the book is not an exercise in nostalgia: “It’s still relevant today.” Brent Raynes, of Alternative Perceptions, echoes that sentiment: “There’s nothing obsolete, passé, or ‘old hat’ about Mysteries of Time and Space. It continues to stand as a thought-provoking landmark classic…” But what do new readers think of the book, you wonder? Brian Allan of Phenomena Magazine is one who had never read the book before, and he writes: “This book is erudite, impeccably researched and vitally, totally accessible…go buy it because it’s an opportunity not to be missed.” Do you have your copy yet?