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The intersection of historical mysteries and psychic powers holds a special fascination for us. That’s why we published Edward Olshaker’s Witnesses to the Unsolved: Prominent Psychic Detectives and Mediums Explore Our Most Haunting Mysteries. In his recent review, Nick Redfern described the book’s premise: “Olshaker’s work is a study of psychics who have used their skills and talents to try and resolve a number of deaths, all high-profile, many shrouded in deep mystery, and a great deal…linked to swirling conspiracy, cover-up, and political intrigue.” The author, he continues, “carefully offers the cases, data, victims and investigators and—when that is all done—succeeds in making a strong case that the conclusions of the various psychics…should not—and indeed, cannot—be dismissed. Something weird and significant does appear to be going on.” In sum, Redfern calls it “a refreshingly different, informative, open-minded and highly thought-provoking book.”  Tom Ruffles of the Society for Physical Research was a little more reserved in his praise for the book, criticizing the author-journalist for being ” vague on the protocols he employed with the psychic detectives…” Ruffles also found it “frustrating that no-one says ‘yes, so-and-so did it,’ or provides information on previously unknown suspects, even though the verdicts of the psychic detectives are often some distance from the accepted versions of events.” Nevertheless Ruffles concludes his review with high praise for the book: “Olshaker has made a fascinating attempt to apply psychic abilities to some intractable mysteries of recent years, and has definitely highlighted very strange goings-on, whatever the explanation. He and his collaborators are to be applauded for their efforts, and this book should be read by anybody interested in psychic detection.”