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Now Available: Monster Diary

November 17, 2012

MDNick Redfern’s lifelong quest in search of this planet’s mystery creatures, which he has chronicled in a long series of books, continues with Monster Diary: On the Road in Search of Strange and Sinister Creatures. In this transatlantic trek, Redfern is hot on the trail of…a Mothman-like creature in Wisconsin; giant eels that lurk in the canals of Birmingham, England; a spectral mammoth and a ghostly big-cat in American woods; Bigfoot in New Mexico; a Chupacabras in the wilds of Oklahoma; vampire-like beasts roaming the valleys of Wales; and California’s very own shape-shifting Skinwalkers. Monsters do exist. Monsters are among us.  But it turns out that many of them are not all they seem to be. They may appear to be flesh-and-blood creatures, but is that what they really are? This is certain to be another controversial work by the ever prolific Nick Redfern.