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A Masterful and Magical Study

December 13, 2013

Reviewers agree that Karl Shuker’s Mirabilis: A Carnival of Cryptozoology and Unnatural History is a veritable cryptozoological feast. “In this gripping collection Shuker explores the farthest boundaries of natural history, which include some very wild areas indeed,” writes Peter Rogerson in Magonia. In his review in Fortean Times, Jerome Clark has one criticism of the book (too many exclamation points!), but otherwise finds it “blissful.” Calling “his writing is clear and concise,“ Clark explains that ”the startlingly prolific and well-versed Shuker—who unlike most cryptozoologists, has a doctorate in zoology—expounds with insight on mysteries of the animal realm. Much of the material seems unfamiliar even to those of us who know something of cryptozoology… As always Shuker’s breadth of arcane knowledge prompts an amazed and admiring shaking of the head.” And finally, writing for Mysterious Universe, Nick Redfern says that “Mirabilis is not just a commentary on case upon case, and creature upon creature. Instead, we see Karl putting on his Sherlock Holmes-style cape and deer-stalker hat, and actually trying to figure out—detective-style—what the many and varied baffling beasts under his microscope actually are. And there are plenty of them… A masterful and magical study of some of the wildest, biggest, weirdest, and freakiest critters said to haunt the darker corners of our world…”