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sfFairy encounters in the 20th century? Are you kidding me? But wait, you’re willing to consider the possibility of ETs in our midst, but “fairies” are beyond your boggle threshold? Think again. To begin with there is not that much difference between who reports these kinds of experiences: they are business men and women, housewives, journalists, clergymen, bus drivers, school teachers, university professors, soldiers, artists, authors, poets, musicians, actresses, and many others. All of their encounters are reported in a just published book, Seeing Fairies: From the Lost Archives of the Fairy Investigation Society, Authentic Reports of Fairies in Modern Times by Marjorie T. Johnson. In fact, this book is the biggest collection of fairy sightings ever assembled: more than 400 in all. And the backstory of how this book came about—and its significance—is told in a riveting introduction by historian Simon Young, who has written extensively on the middle ages and fairy lore.