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A Delicious Book

June 6, 2017

grufosRich Reynolds, whose often thoughtful blog posts on UFOs are worth reading by anyone seriously interested in the subject, had some very nice things to say recently about Grassroots UFOs: Case Reports from the Center for UFO Studies by Michael Swords in a post entitled “UFOs: There’s something to it, but what?” He writes: “I’d like to instill UFOs as phenomena, rather than a phenomenon…that UFOs are not just one thing but many things. That’s what’s so delicious about Professor Swords’ listing of CUFOS reports: they tell us that UFOs have a reality, not just an ephemeral existence in the minds of people, and that the UFO reality is multi-faceted…The CUFOS gathering, presented by Michael Swords, contains every kind of UFO sighting we UFO buffs are familiar with or have read/heard about: disks, cigar-shaped craft, weird lights, triangle-shaped vehicles, amorphous entities, et cetera. What intrigues is that the reports cited come from regular, normal folks, not ‘wackos’ or psychotics…at the core of UFO reports rests a mystery, one that belies mental illness or criminal intent; people don’t usually lie about what they’ve seen or think they’ve seen. Even misperception can be set aside. No group of human beings can misperceive within the quantity that UFO sightings supply. The odds are against it. Get the Swords book… and indulge yourself in a swelter of UFO sightings that indicate there’s something to UFOs, something real, unknown but tangibly real.”

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