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bbc-coverLyle Blackburn has written three books on cryptozoology and fans and critics alike continue to sing his praises. Of his latest book, Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch, D.C. McGannon of The Monster Guys writes: “Lyle Blackburn shows his cards once more as not only an esteemed researcher in the field of cryptozoology, but also as an adept and careful storyteller—a modern day folklorist in his own right…Mr. Blackburn guides us into an unforgettable tapestry of chilling, first-hand experiences and long-term, respected research…With his trademark down to earth storytelling and the rich history and research to back up those stories, this offering by Lyle Blackburn should not be overlooked.” Even critics admit that Blackburn is “knowledgeable” and his books are “well researched,” as Jerome Clark does in his review of the book in Fortean Times. And Sharon Hill in her review on Doubt and About says: “I appreciated the solid descriptions of famous accounts like Honobia, Area X and the Myakka ape account. I’ve not seen these done in a popular book. Therefore, this book serves, as the author’s others, as a useful comprehensive source for the subject and a must-have reference for anyone interested in cryptozoology.” The fact that Lyle is an avid outdoorsman gives this book an added authenticity, as Nick Redfern notes in his review for Mysterious Universe: “Lyle is a skilled and atmospheric writer: he sets the scene, draws the reader into the stories, and provides captivating case after case. There is another reason why this book is an important one for Cryptozoology: Lyle is someone who spends a great deal of time in the woods, swamps and wild places in the South. In other words, most of the material presented in the book comes from Lyle’s own, personal investigations and interviews – which is always a good thing.” Indeed!

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