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rd-smJohn Alexander’s new book, Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences With Things That Can’t Happen—But Did, received more pre-publication praise (taking up four pages at the beginning of the book) than any book we have ever seen. It includes praise by people such as Raymond Moody, Eben Alexander, Larry Dossey, George Noory, Annie Jacobsen, and many others, as well as a foreword by Uri Geller. And post-publication the praise has continued. Editor Andrew W. Griffin of Red Dirt Report writes: “For Alexander, the ‘reality’ that most of us have come to know and accept throughout our lives actually is quite alien if given the opportunity to peer behind the veil that drapes over our sometimes drab and predictable existence…There is a lot to digest in Alexander’s book, one that had the spirit of exploration and adventure… A great addition to my library.” In his review of the book on the RVIS website, remote viewer Paul Smith writes: “A life-long explorer, [Alexander] has leveraged the skills learned in decades of military experience ranging from combat in Vietnam to consciousness research for the Pentagon, and his academic and civilian skills and experiences… to produce a book that, to say the least, debunks the debunkers… This is not just a book about these kinds of phenomena. This is a book that is deeply informed by someone who has actually ‘been there.’ Be prepared to change your mind.” And over at Mysterious Universe, Nick Redfern writes: “Reality Denied is a definitive supernatural road-trip…Alexander’s book reminds me of John Keel’s Jadoo, in the sense that this is one man’s quest to hit the road and understand the truth behind multiple, mysterious phenomena…John Alexander’s book gives us a great deal of material to ponder on—the most obvious and important being that there is far more to reality than meets the eye. Way more…”

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