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MH-smReaders of Avrel Seale’s new book, Monster Hike: A 100-Mile Inquiry Into the Sasquatch Mystery, see classic qualities to the book, tossing out associations to Walden Pond, Moby Dick, and Jack Kerouac. Andrew Griffin, in Red Dirt Report, writes: “There is something Walden-ish about Monster Hike that I did not anticipate when I first picked it up…I’m glad I read Monster Hike because I appreciated Seale’s honesty and wonderment, even at his age [50], when we are told that believing such creatures exist is plain silly. Seale gives us some positive philosophy, personal insights, a bit of Texas history and a sense that pushing forward is what keeps us all asking those big questions.” Nick Redfern cranks up the praise in his Mysterious Universe review: “It’s a witty, amusing and adventurous saga of one man’s quest to try and uncover the truth of what lies at the heart of the Sasquatch mystery…. In a highly entertaining fashion, [Seale] details the planning, hazards, and hopes that go with a road-trip in the dense woods and forests of East Texas…As the book progresses…we see Seale become a modern day equivalent of Captain Ahab, while the legendary white whale has mutated into a massive, hairy hominid…If—when he was hanging out at Big Sur in the 1950s—Jack Kerouac had encountered a Bigfoot and he was a bit older, this is the book he would have written.”